Web 2.0, the so called user generated contents has gained significant grounds in the Internet community in recent time with the help of Web 2.0 evangelists like Tim O’Reiley. Despite this wide acceptance within some segment of the Internet community, a lot still needs to be done to turn it to a IETF accepted internet standards but O’Reiley and other are putting in a lot of work to get Web 2.0 to this level through paper presentation and other activities.

In a boost to Web 2.0 acceptance, the popular website rating services, Nielsen Ratings change the principal metric for accessing how popular a website is from page view to minutes spent online, Web 2.0 was cited as the reason for this change.

At the grass roots level, webmasters and application developers are creating Web 2.0 application and Web 2.0 aware applications. Giving the fact that there are now thousands of Web 2.0 application online, its natural that a Web 2.0 directory , cataloguing such sites exist to make finding Web 2.0 resources easy, there are quite a few such directories, the article focuses on one such directory called FUCC. 

FUCC is one of the very few Web 2.0 review directory. Though it’s a directory, but it usesblogspot.com as its review platform, sifting trough Web 2.0 sites, discussion forums, application and resources to catalogue and review the best of the.

In addition to the primary target of FUCC, it also provide review exchange and other Webmaster and blogs related resources, this service makes FUCC an excellent review directory .

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