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Velnet Designs

Most good web designers are brilliant at designing new website, they are even better when it comes to giving advise to website owner when reviewing sites created by other web designers, but when their own website is put under the spotlight, the proverb “physician heal thyself” comes to mind. “physician heal thyself”  was the prescription when the website of a team of web designers called Velnet Designs was reviewed.

Velnet Designs website was put under microscope to see what aspect of it is good and what aspect can be improved.  The website colour scheme is excellent, the overwhelming colour used on the site is blue, with a hint of red in the site logo and a dash of red here and there. The site has two navigation menu, a horizontal navigation menu takes you to the top level contents such as web deign, logo design portfolio, enquiry form, contact form and about us for. The horizontal navigation take visitors to deep sections of the site. The two navigation menu works pretty well to make the site very easy to navigate.

The most important contents were laid in columns on the homepage, with deep links that take you to detailed page for each product, this works very well on the site, withing two clicks of the mouse you arrive at any of the important pages on the site.
At the bottom of Velnet Designs, a site map contain links to all the pages on this site, this provide a secondary navigation which strictly speaking is not  necessary giving how well the two principal navigation menu on the site works.

Despite the aforementioned plus, there are areas the site can improve, starting with the site map, it was not well created, it can be improved with a brief description of what to find on the page a link points to.  Velnet Design lacks a search facility, though the site is not that large, however a search facility will be an additional was to find information quickly on the website.  The free web design quote page which is the principal enquiry page for all their product could be improve to make requesting information from Velnet Design easier. The site also does not have and easy way of bookmarking nor does it use any of the social bookmarking tools that could potentially help to make the site popular in social bookmarking sites.

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