Facebook actually started as a social media platform where you could converse with people, share your thoughts, pictures and more but presently it has become a powerful marketing tool.

In recent years, social media platforms have proven to be a game changer for marketers around the world. In fact, you can see some of the major brands as well as budding brands constantly use Facebook as a tool to grow their market and reach out to the global audience.

In fact, there are 3 million brands/businesses that are connecting and reaching out to their audiences through Facebook ads which indeed boost their e-commerce sales on a global level.

We can surely call Facebook an advertisement hub where you cannot only increase your brand awareness but also generate a good amount of sales. Talking about Facebook as a powerful marketing platform along with its effectual advertisement tools, it has surely become a remunerative medium for e-commerce sales that can also help in improving your brand’s value.

However, boosting your e-commerce sales with Facebook ads is not as easy as it might sound. There are constant revisions or alterations in Facebook algorithms which actually makes it quite difficult to keep a steady hand on Facebook pages. The idea is to stick to the basics and stand out from the competition. Well, Facebook ads are actually an amazing way to check your ads totally free in advance.

With 2 billion active users every month, highest e-commerce orders using a social media platform, a typical ROI of 450% with campaigns; it will be imprudent to not use the platform for advertising your own brand.

But the question here is how? How can you use Facebook ads to improve your e-commerce sales? Let’s discuss it in detail here.

Make a use of dynamic product ads

Using dynamic ads is actually one of the most powerful and best ROI generating strategies that can be used. It is actually a smart way to influence an uncertain customer by presenting those advertisements primarily depending upon their activities on your website.

Well, you would have seen e-commerce sites like eBay retargeting you through popping ads of the same product you visited the same day or few days back.
However, you do not need to make advertisements for every product on the site rather templates are used to draw pictures, the name of the product, price, and various other data from the product brochure on the basis of the attributes you have uploaded. So, this is actually a great way if you have as many as thousand or more products.

You can use dynamic ads as an effective strategy to target as many products as your customers have seen, purchased or even added to the cart.


Make the use of multiproduct ads

You can use Facebook to showcase multiple products in just one advertisement. In fact, multiple product advertisement does give your audience/customers a multiple choice from where they can choose. Since there are more choices the chances of liking a particular product is also higher as you are providing them options to choose from which indeed helps in better conversion rate ultimately improving the e-commerce sales. However, the relevance of the product shown in the multiple product ads also matters. In addition, you can also use these ads to show various advantages and uses of one product.

This particular strategy can help you in increasing the CTR (Click through Rate) from 50% to 300%, improve cost per acquisition. Since there is a better engagement of the audience it also decreases the cost per click.


Offer an incentive for clicking on your ad

There are so many businesses that choose to advertise their brands on Facebook you are bound to see your competitive brands who are trying their level best to engage with the audience. With so much of competition out there and every brand trying to have a competitive edge, it is very important to grab the attention of the audience which is quite challenging.

There are customers out there who are constantly looking for better options and offers even when you give them a great deal they might wait for a while for something even bigger and better. This is a general customer behavior which you just can’t deny. So, by stating the repercussions of not availing the offer at that moment you might convince them to avail the current offer. The method is referred to as urgency and there are so many other ways through which you can use the method to convince the audience.

  • Mentioning the left stock: You can tell the customers about the availability of stock in order to influence his buying decision.
  • Offer a limited time period: Well, if you limit the offer to a certain time period there are chances of getting more clicks and conversions.
  • Use urgency inducing phrases: The catch line should be emphasizing onto the offer. Use phrases like a limited offer, hurry, today only, prices going up, only, and clearance.


Use good graphics and images

Especially for digital advertisements graphics and images do play an important role in influencing the buyer’s decision. Product images do leave an impact on the audience.

  • Product images do influence the audience: Good graphics used in the images does increase the CTR and ROI. On the other hand, bad images and graphics can hamper the customer from clicking.
  • You may be able to predict the CTR from images: There are features and elements that can help in improving the CTR and vice versa.

The key is to use graphics that are eye-catchy and not disarranged. Try to use lesser elements so that the entire focus is on the ads. Try to use close up shots that can connect on an emotional level with the audience.

Optimize your audience

Knowing the likes and dislikes of your audience does give an upper hand to your brand. Getting more information about your target audience helps you in delivering and planning the right content strategy. All this is possible by using audience optimization which is a tool that helps in focusing, reaching and engaging the content (posts) on Facebook.

Audience optimization includes:

  • Audience preference: You can use hashtags to focus on people who are more likely to be interested in your post. For example, a clothing post can include tags like winter clothes, women, men etc.
  • Restriction of the audience: This tool is used in case you want to forbid the views of posts based on particular demographics.
  • Insights of the audience: This can be used to check how much likability every tag is contributing based on the shares, clicks, and likes of the posts.

Audience optimization can be done for pages that are accessible in English. Make sure to enable the audience optimization tool before you start.

Conclusion: Facebook is an amazing platform that can be used to reach out to the target audience and increase or improve your e-commerce sale. Yes, Facebook ads do work and have been working for most of the brands. However, the bottom line is to focus on your brand and the target audience. You can use the strategies we have mentioned in the blog to figure out what works best for you. Remember when it comes to running a successful Facebook ad campaign the cue is to be innovative and persuasive.

About Author:

Mandeep Singh –Technical SEO consultant who runs small digital marketing agency. Before Strivers Edge, he has led products teams in developing state of the art web and handling various marketing projects of different companies.