You can create a great visual presentation and engage the visitor at your website using Flash technology. The advantages that this technology presents will enable you to add movies, interesting slide shows, cute animations and other friendly menus. The folks at Macromedia are always coming out with newer versions which have great additional features designed to enhance the appearance of the website.

The interactivity that this technology allows is its primary utility and given its compatibility with multiple browsers, users do not have much of a problem conveying their messages in the manner they want by compressing a lot of information into the short movie. This interactive feature compels the visitor to make repeated visits to the site and that is one way of attracting traffic. The other advantage is its vector format that allows for smaller file sizes enabling faster loading and quicker access.

However, it also has some disadvantages which warrant a discussion at this point. This technology can be played only with a Flash Player that needs to be installed along with its various elements. You also have the option of redirecting the user to a web page from where he can download the Player for those who do not have it on their system. Fortunately, most users do have this utility on their system and those who do not can download it quite quickly. Secondly, the loading time of such content that can be played on the Flash Player can be quite long and that may test the patience of the visitors, who are used to much quicker loading of normal text and images.
These two slight disadvantages notwithstanding, the technology is a clear winner in terms of its features and when you combine it with Flash templates, you can create a wonderful and unique website that will be affordable and at the same time flashy.

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