If the old media such as TV, radio, newspaper, billboards and other can speak, they will be entitled to quote Mark Twain’s words “the report of my death was an exaggeration”at their new media counterpart such as Twitter, Facebook etc.
At the American elections which ushered in Barak Obama as the president of USA, new media was said to played a pivotal role. The current election campaign in UK was expected to be fought using Twitter and other new media tool, so far, the only media that has made significant impact was on of the old one; TV.

Moving on from the minimal impact new media is having on politics to good old fashion online promotion. Nokia are currently investing a lot of money in marketing music phone such as Nokia X6, a phone/music player position to take on iPhone, so far traditional promotion methods such as good old fashion bribery in the form of give away has been used and it is succeeding more than the promotion using SEO and new media tool.

To create more buzz online for the Nokia X6, UK webmaster forum have organised a contest where the Nokia X6 , the 32 GB version plus a years subscription to unlimited music download is being given away free of charge. You can find more information on this offer at UK webmaster forum.
The example of the limited impact of new media on the 2010 UK general election, the reliance of Nokia promotion mainly on old promotion tactics and many other example like that gives the impression that while the Internet and the new media it spurn are very important today, perhaps the story about their impact on changing our behaviour are a bit exaggerated.

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