Welcome to the autumn edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of November 2017.


How We Got Our Content to Appear in Google Featured Snippets” by Taral on e2msolutions blog. Featured snippets look much better and cover more space in search results. So it is more likely to get a click if your site was shown in featured snippets.

From this article you can find how to get your site listed in featured snippets.


Storytelling in Business: The Definitive Guide” by Camilla Hallstrom on influencewithcontent blog. The article is divided into the 7 chapters.

  1. Chapter 1: What Is Business Storytelling?
  2. Chapter 2: What You Need To Know About Great Business Storytelling
  3. Chapter 3: Business Message: The Secret To A Memorable Story That Sticks
  4. Chapter 4: Use Persuasive Storytelling To Hook Customers To Your Business Story
  5. Chapter 5: 12 Common Mistakes – And The Irresistible Business Storytelling Techniques To Use Instead
  6. Chapter 6: The Secrets Of Great Storytellers In Business (From Pixar To Ted)
  7. Chapter 7: How Successful Businesses Use Storytelling [Business Storytelling Examples]


The Local SEO Holiday Checklist – You Could Even Say It Glows” by Miriam Ellis on Moz blog.

? Local business listings accurate

? Duplicate listings closed

? Google My Business special hours added

? Website pages updated

? Complaint-ready, both on and offline

? Google Posts brainstormed and ready to go

? Other social media ready to go

? Analytical tracking in place

? Empathy engaged


Google: If You Don’t Have A Manual Action, You Don’t Need To Submit A Disavow” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table. Google officially confirmed that there is no reason in submitting disavow file if your site was not affected by manual action.

So if you think your site was affected by Penguin algorithm – disavow file can’t fix that.



2017 holiday shopping trends: How consumers plan to research & purchase gifts this season” by Amy Gesenhues on Marketing Land. In two weeks the busiest time of the year begin. According to the statistics 40% of holiday spend happens in the four weeks leading up to Black Friday.


7 Vital SaaS Trends for Marketing Domination in 2018” by Sam Hurley on digitalcurrent blog.

Trend #1: Not Only Vertical vs Horizontal

Trend #2: Product Feature Marketing

Trend #3: AI and Machine Learning

Trend #4: Conversational Conversion

Trend #5: Granular Customer Profiling

Trend #6: Integrated Customer Success

Trend #7: Vulnerable Thought Leadership


9 Actionable SEO Strategies That Are Cost Effective And Easy to Implement” by Bill Acholla on billacholla blog. This post is divided into the following paragraphs:

  1. Content Creation
  2. Resource Page Link Building
  3. Broken Link Building
  4. The Skyscraper Technique
  5. Infographic
  6. Link Reclamation
  7. Get Interviewed on Podcasts
  8. Using Email Outreach
  9. Getting Editorial Links


12 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid” by Eric Enge on Link Assistant.

  1. Poor Title Tags
  2. Poor Heading Tags
  3. Thin Content
  4. Thin Slicing
  5. No Crawl Path to Many Pages
  6. Poor Site Architecture
  7. Mobile Site Issues
  8. Too Few Pages
  9. Missing SEO Tags
  10. Conflicting SEO Tags
  11. Excessive Advertising
  12. Lack of Website Promotion


Are you using these 8 content marketing trends for 2018?” by Daniel Kempe on quuu blog.

  1. Strategic Documentation
  2. Live Streaming
  3. Content Living and Interacting Among us
  4. Content Marketing as a Foundation
  5. Social Media as a Publishing Space
  6. Mobile Optimization as the Standard
  7. The Workforce is Changing
  8. Transparency


How to Grow Your Audience Using Instagram Hashtags with Later” by Sandra Chung on mention blog. Later is one of the most well-knows marketing platforms for Instagram. In this post you will see how to use it to boost your audience.

About 70% of Instagram posts don’t get seen because people are not using correct hashtags.


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