One of the most striking thing you notice when visiting a shopping mall, a services station or restaurant is how lighting is used to create desired atmosphere to match the theme or effect the establishment is trying to create. As a casual visitor, such subtle lighting is usually lost on us, however lots of careful planning has gone into selection of bulbs and other lighting accessories to create the effect you experienced.

Moderneon one of the few specialist, whose core business is to install lighting at major establishment ranging from restaurant chain like Weatherspoons, shopping centres to petrol station. Established nearly sixty years ago, based in London, Moderneon provide custom made signage, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of handmade neon and cold cathode lamps which are made from a wide range of Tri-phosphors colour coatings.
Modereon are committed to ensuring environmental impact of lighting are minimised so they use voltage to provide an energy saving alternative to traditional lighting methods.

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