Welcome to the spring edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of March 2019.


Facebook – Statistics and Facts 2019” by Sonal Patil on market blog. This article is divided into the following chapters:

  • Monthly Active Users in Million
  • Worldwide Average Revenue Per User
  • Facebook Revenue, By Segment
  • Facebook Total Revenue
  • Fun Facts



A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On February 27th?” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table.

According to Semrush and other tools there was some chatter around February 27th. Here is what people say on SEO forums:

Anyone seen a drop overnight into this morning? 

I saw some moderate shifting happening last night before going to bed. SEMRush is back in the yellow again too.


7 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Auditing Your Link Profile – Whiteboard Friday” by Kameron Jenkins on Moz blog.

  1. Irrelevance
  2. Anchor text
  3. Nofollow/follow
  4. Links/domains
  5. Domain naming
  6. Tool metrics
  7. Eyeball test


13 Website Design Best Practices For 2019” by Lars Lofgren on Quick Sprout blog.

  1. Minimize text
  2. Show, don’t tell
  3. Use short sentences
  4. Try shorter paragraphs
  5. Make your CTA clear and obvious
  6. Reinforce actions with familiarity
  7. Simplify the navigation
  8. Optimize your design for mobile devices
  9. Prioritize SEO
  10. Monitor your page loading speed
  11. Choose a color scheme that fits your branding strategy
  12. Continuously run A/B tests
  13. Use bullets



3 Tips to Use Quality PPC Data to Succeed in SEM” by Chaitanya Chandrasekar on Search Engine Journal.

  1. Higher Revenue & ROI
  2. Historical Context for Better Decision-Making
  3. Differentiate Yourself From Competition



5 Simple Steps to Strengthen Your Customer Relationship” by Jennifer Hubauer on userlane blog.

  • Digital Customer Relationships: Where to Begin
  • Customer Relationship Management: Customer-First Focus
  • Add Customer Success Software
  • Customer Success Playbook for Customer Relationships
  • Customer Relationship Strategy: A Lasting Customer Relationship



4 Email Marketing Fails That You Can Learn From” by Susan Wallace on chamaileon blog.

4 good examples are reviewed in this article:

  1. Shutterfly- Delivering a message to the wrong person
  2. Adidas- Boston Marathon email
  3. Airbnb- Wrong design at the wrong time
  4. Shopify- How to follow the link?



12 White Label Marketing Tools your Agency Needs” by Marie Lamonde on dashthis blog.

1- White label marketing automation software: Active Campaign

2- White label link building service: Page One Power

3- White label media monitoring tool: Mention

4- White label WordPress hosting client billing platform: FlyWheel

5- White label project management tool: ProofHub

6- White label native advertising software: My6sense

7- White label digital agency services: Vendasta

8- White label SEO ranking platform: SE Ranking

9- White label social media management: PromoRepublic

10- White label invoicing & payment software: Invoice Ninja

11- White label landing page builder: Landingi

12- White Label marketing reporting tool: DashThis



You Have to Change With the Times: the Top 10 Email Marketing Podcasts” by Berta Melder on chamaileon blog.

  1. Litmus Email Design
  2. Aweber Ask Me Anything About Email Marketing
  3. Really Good Emails Podcast
  4. Everything Email Podcast
  5. The Blogging Millionaire Podcast
  6. Online Marketing Made Easy
  7. Marketing Smarts Podcast
  8. Call to Action Podcast
  9. Actionable Marketing Podcast
  10. Marketing Over Coffee



13 E-Commerce Homepage Best Practices for Conversions in 2019” by Emil Kristensen on sleeknote blog.

  1. Display Your Unique Value Proposition
  2. Have an Eye-Catching Sale Section
  3. Demonstrate Site Security
  4. Make Your Search Bar Stand Out
  5. Add Product Images to Categories
  6. Feature Your Best Products
  7. Display Key Information First and Foremost
  8. Place Further Information in the Footer
  9. Personalize Your Homepage
  10. Keep Your Design Simple
  11. Have a Simple Navigational Structure
  12. Design for Mobile First
  13. Make Sure Your Homepage Loads Quickly



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