Sustainability advocacy website, Less-stuff.co.uk offer its visitors tips, information and resources on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The core focus of the website more or less maps loosely to the concept of the “3Rs” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Where the 3Rs is a top down view of how reducing, reusing and recycling can help the environment. Less-stuff.co.uk takes a bottom up view, with practical tips on how to not to acquire more stuff in the first instance. How to declutter once you have acquired too much stuff. If the decluttering or the less waste section of the website does not interest you, the money saving section will surely do. There are tips and articles on alternatives and more environment friendly way to do things and make your money work harder for you.

Site usability

Less stuff viewed on a smart phone

Less stuff viewed on a smartphone

While online dinosaurs like the author of this post still does most of his surfing and browsing on a computer, majority of devices used to access information and conduct transactions online are portable devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. For this reason, the usability testing for Less-stuff was done on a smartphone.

Navigation – A good effective navigation, is one of the keys to a successful information website. Less-stuff.co.uk navigation works perfectly on a smartphone, as well as a desktop computer. Carefully chosen and well labelled graphics, hyperlinked to the four core sections of the site (Declutter, Zero waste, Save money, Get organised) means with just one click from the homepage, you are taken to the section that interests you.

Site load time – This is how quickly pages on the website loads. The load speed is not lightening fast, but fast enough to give visitors a smooth browsing experience.

Contents – The age old saying that content is king still hold true Whether you land at Less-stuff.co.uk through clicking on a link, or via a search on a search engine, you are expecting to find information on how to do more with less stuff. That is exactly what you will find at Less-stuff.co.uk. Most of the articles and product reviews are well written, in accessible easy to follow style. The pictures and graphics used throughout the site are particularly carefully selected.

Design consistency and colour
– The careful use of well selected colours, throughout the website, gives the site a great look and feel. The consistency and colour selection and coordination bring the message of each article alive.

Find our more about Less stuff

You can find out more information about Less-stuff.co.uk, by visiting their website, or following their Twitter feed below.

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