Welcome to the summer edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of June 2019.


Early Signs Of A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table. Some webmasters reported a possible Google search ranking algorithm update:

G has been running a 24hrs on and off test for some days now.

Example: I’ll get a 60% boost in organic traffic at say; 11am, then get a 60% drop at exactly 11am the next day. The boost will last for 24hrs, the drop will last for 24hrs.

This has been happening for some days now, has anyone noticed this same pattern?


21 Ways to Triple Your B2B E?Commerce Conversions” by Olivia Ross on Moz blog.

  1. Fix your analytics
  2. Use Hotjar or other qualitative data tools
  3. Display your phone number prominently
  4. Clearly state unique selling propositions (UVP)
  5. Grab visitors’ attention quickly
  6. Optimize for mobile
  7. Give detailed product descriptions
  8. Add a product video or demonstration
  9. Build a structure to easily find products
  10. Set up rotating banners of top products



How to Build an Email List on Your Blog” by Neil Patel on Quick Sprout blog.

  1. Choose an email marketing service
  2. Create an opt-in form
  3. Add an incentive
  4. Use a sticky bar
  5. Create a visual CTA
  6. Run A/B tests



5 of the Best B2B Lead Gen Tactics for Facebook & LinkedIn” by Andrea Taylor on Search Engine Journal.

  1. Lead Gen Form Ads
  2. Lookalike Audiences
  3. Account Based Marketing Lists in LinkedIn
  4. Nurture Funnels
  5. Webinar & Event Promotion



What are the Elements of a Perfect SEO Team?” by Louisa Atto on canirank blog. In this article you may find the most important elements for SEO campaign: content marketing, optimization, outreach and PR, technical SEO, social media, PPC.


“15 Best Productivity Tools For Startups” on kdanmobile blog.

  1. Reliable Cloud Storage
  2. A Collaboration Platform
  3. Simple-but-Effective Task Management
  4. Comprehensive Note-Taking
  5. Effective Document Management
  6. A Digital Signature Tool
  7. Password Security
  8. Visual Content Generator
  9. Video-Editing Tools
  10. Social Media Management
  11. Strong Writing
  12. Internal Communication
  13. Time Management
  14. Meeting Software
  15. Remote Access Tools


10 Tips for Growing Your Business with Technology and Talent” by Annie Pilon on smallbiztrends blog.

  1. Grow Your Presence on Twitter
  2. Try Affiliate Marketing for Small Business
  3. Don’t Overlook These Important SEO Trends
  4. Influence Customer Decisions Without Ads
  5. Consider Voice Search and Digital Assistants in Your Search Strategy
  6. Grow Your Business with These Helpful Resources
  7. Find the Right Software Development for Your Business
  8. Don’t Miss Out on Blogging for Your Creative Business
  9. Let Testimonials Do the Talking for You
  10. Win Big with Social Media Ads



12 Obvious SEO Tips That Almost No One Is Following” by Jessica Greene on databox blog.

  1. Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
  2. Keywords
  3. Backlinks
  4. Content
  5. Images
  6. Site Speed
  7. Mobile Responsiveness
  8. Site Architecture
  9. Local SEO
  10. Technical SEO
  11. Analysis, Testing, and Measurement
  12. Manual Actions


3 Social Media Tools to Measure Share of Voice” by Anna Bredava on business2community blog.

  1. Awario for small to mid-sized businesses on a budget
  2. Brandwatch for enterprises and agencies
  3. Social Searcher + Google Sheet for the free use


10 of the Most Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses” by Shane Barker on shanebarker blog.

  • Small Business SEO Tip #1: Research Your Keywords Well
  • Small Business SEO Tip # 2: Create A Business Listing
  • Small Business SEO Tip #3: Optimize Your Website For Mobile Phones
  • Small Business SEO Tip #4: Optimize For Voice Searches
  • Small Business SEO Tip #5: Create Video Content
  • Small Business SEO Tip #6: Use Internal Links
  • Small Business SEO Tip #7: Conduct an SEO Audit
  • Small Business SEO Tip #8: Boost Your Page Loading Speed
  • Small Business SEO Tip #9: Get Quality Backlinks
  • Small Business SEO Tip #10: Post Your Content On Different Platforms



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