Insightful Domain Name Ideas

Insightful Domain Name Ideas

While your website is being set up, you might be wondering what to name it. Picking a domain name isn’t as simple as just making up a new word, there is a whole process attached to it. It used to be something that was nice to have, but now domain names have become an essential part of marketing. Here are some ways you can improve yours.

Why do domain names matter?

You might be wondering if picking the right domain name actually matters. This question gets thrown around a lot and not everyone has the right answer. Despite this, the answer is pretty clear: yes, domain names really do matter. Your website is your greatest digital asset. E-mails and Facebook profiles are just things that you use to get people to their main destination: your website. If you look at your website as a kind of home, your domain name is sort of like an address. What good is a home if it doesn’t have an address?
If people wanted to visit your home, giving roundabout directions to it would sound ridiculous, instead, you would simply give them your address. This is the same way websites work, but addresses are domain names. It’s how people find and identify your website. Unlike houses, the domain name for your website also serves as a descriptor for it.

The key aspects of a domain name

Since domain names are so important, it’s wise to start brainstorming for a good one right away. There are a couple of things you really have to focus on. Is your domain name marketable enough? It should be able to connect with your target audience and make them think that it’s where they have to go. Imagine the name as another kind of logo, something that will properly reflect what your business is all about.
There’s no use having a marketable domain name if nobody is around to see it. Another important aspect of anything related to your website is how searchable it is. If people aren’t able to find your website even if they tried, then you have a problem. You must take search engine optimization into account and choose a domain name that will maximize your performance on search engines.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Domain Checker

Domain Checker

When it comes to exactly how you’ll name your website, you should know that keeping it simple is king. Short, impactful, and clear domain names catch your attention and stay on your mind for a while. Having a name that is too complicated can be harmful to your website.
One-word domain names are the best solution. If you can get to the core of your web site’s purpose in just one word, it’s going to influence people. Unfortunately, there are only so many words in any language, while the number of websites keeps increasing. One-word domain names aren’t exactly cheap nowadays, and finding one for your website is going to be tricky. You might have to settle for second best in the form of a two-word domain name.

It should be memorable

How many times have you searched for something online and remembered the website afterwards? Even if you found exactly what you were looking for, rarely does the name of the website stick. Having a memorable name for your website is crucial if you want people to repeatedly visit it. Sure, checking your internet history is another way to find the website again, but rarely do people go through the trouble to actually search through it.
Combining memorability with brevity is going to be a doozy, but it is still feasible. You want something that is catchy and will let people recall it if they think of your product or service. It can mean the difference between getting hundreds of visits and tens of thousands of visits to your website.

You have to be able to protect it

If a domain name is available, you might want to wait before you pop the champagne. Just because it’s available doesn’t mean you get to celebrate yet. If you pick out a name that is too generic, you could have problems. There are millions of products out there and not all of them have websites. If your domain name clashes with an already established product, it can be taken away from you. Imagine putting all that work into setting up your website and marketing it, only for the name to change almost overnight. This can lead to you losing your web-based business completely.
You must do your part to make sure the domain name is protectable. Unfortunately, it’s probably not possible to skim all the possible pages out there to see if anything will clash. Even if you come up with the right domain name, the fight isn’t over. Some people register a large number of domains just to sit on them and extort businesses. Luckily, there are ways to protect your website. For example, if you live in Australia and tend to run your business from there, there are legal experts that can help you protect your domain from squatters or people who want to claim their version of the website was first.

Invest in it

Despite there being millions of websites out there, there are still many domain names to be used. The amount of three or four-letter words is basically infinite, which is why you can get discount domain names at prices as low as a single dollar. It might seem cost-effective to do this, but it’s not really a sound investment in the future of your website.
Obscure four-letter words won’t exactly be memorable and they won’t attract visitors from search engines. If you want your website to be optimal, you’re going to have to invest some money in the domain name.


Choosing the right domain name isn’t an easy task. With all the factors you have to watch out for, you could brainstorm for days and not get anywhere fast. Luckily, it’s not all doom-and-gloom. Focus on some of these pointers and you will be a shoo-in for picking the right domain name.

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