Quality Score informs advertisers the probability their ads will perform well. The measurement is on the scale of 1-10 and a grade of 10 signifies the greatest likelihood that the ad will do well. 

Keywords, ads, and landing pages are the 3 areas in which Google grades campaigns. With this estimate from Google, advertisers can work to improve areas of their campaign that may improve Ad Rank. 

Landing Page Quality Score

A landing page is chiefly designed to capture visitors so they can be converted into leads. The landing page has one goal and that is to guide visitors to an appropriate Call to action. Visitors see a call to action and end up on a landing page and it eventually increases the visibility and conversions.

It is important to optimise your landing page for an amazing user experience as a poor landing page will affect the visibility of your campaign. 

How do I know my landing page Quality Score?

Follow these quick steps below to view your landing page Quality Score

  • Login to your Google Ads account
  • From the left panel, select Keywords 
  • Click on Columns >> Modify Columns
  • Click on Quality Score. Add any of the following to your Ad report table. When the boxes are selected, you can know the current and past quality score stats and the status of its components.
  • Click Apply to activate the new changes to your Ad report table.


What are the factors that affect my landing page quality score?

Google considers five factors when evaluating your landing page. These factors are:

  1. Readability: Your landing page has to be readable or “spiderable” in order for Google to give it a Quality Score. Google can’t determine the adequacy of your page if it can’t read your landing page. Google uses Adsbot-Google and Googlebot to read or “spider” your landing page. It uses these robots to check if the landing page is relevant to your ad copy, transparent, safe, and user-friendly.
  2. Relevance: Another important determinant of your landing page quality score is the landing page relevance. The more relevant your landing page is to your chosen keywords, the higher your Quality Score will be.
  3. Transparency: It’s very important that your landing page contains the same promotion you offer on your ad copy. Otherwise Google can’t ascertain the authenticity or legitimacy of your website.
  4. Safety: Your consumer must be “safe” to visit your website. Your landing page can’t harm your consumers. You are not permitted to alter your consumer’s browser settings, disable their back buttons, or try to automatically install software. A violation of any of these 3 rules will result in your ad being disapproved. 
  5. Navigation: Some basic navigational elements to include are homepage, about us, contact us. Navigation elements enhance your website’s usability. If a user can’t find the information he or she wants on your landing page, the user can use the navigation bars to easily browse your website and find the info he or she desires.



Your landing page experience refers to the quality of the experience that a customer has while they are on your website. The easier it is  for a customer to find their way to the shopping basket, the more likely they will be to complete a purchase. Your landing page experience affects your ad rank position, Quality Score, and overall cost. You can significantly enhance the Quality Score of your landing page by optimising the five factors google uses to determine the quality of your landing page, namely; readability, relevance, transparency, safety, navigation.