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Charity eCards for Father’s Day – 10 of The Best and Funniest 2024

Send a Father’s day eCard that will make your dad laugh and help a good cause. Send one of the funniest charity Father’s day eCard from the list we curated for you. Browse the eCards below and send one of them to dad by email or WhatsApp.

1. The Grateful Dog Shite Father’s Day eCard

In the funny Father’s Day card category, this is probably one of the funniest. It is positioned as a charity father’s day eCard of a dog that is grateful for “daddy” cleaning up after it. This is a funny one to send to your dad on this father’s day.

2. Father’s Day – best banker in the world the bank of dad

This father’s day ecard is a joke about the vital role a father plays in a son or daughter’s finances. Father’s tend to give their grown up children interest free loans, most of the loans never repaid. This tends not to affect the child’s creditworthiness with the fathers. This is a nice fun Father’s Day eCard to send by someone who often uses the bank of dad for a loan.

3. Treat yourself to a bottle of wine from my inheritance

This eCard plays on the age-old job of middle aged and old parents being nothing but the custodian of their grownup children’s inheritance.

4. Happy father’s day to a pawsome dad

A lot of soppy dog lovers see their pets as a son/daughter replacement. It follows that on father’s day, someone in the family sends a father’s day card to the man of the house. Happy birthday to a pawsome dad is just the card to send a dog father on father’s day.

5. 10 out of 10 for doing a good job as a father

This is the ultimate eCard to send to a father if you are a girl who thinks her father has done a brilliant job raising you. This funny father’s day ecard plays on the notion that the sender turned out to be a well rounded individual.

6. Happy Father’s Day active dad ecard

This is a great ecard to send to an active dad who’s fond of workouts. It depicts a silhouette of a man running, a medal, a pair of running boots and the message: Happy Father’s Day dad if I could run as fast as you I would deliver this ecard by hand.

7. Flower for you dad on this Father’s Day

This another fantastic ecard to send to a dog loving dad. It shows a bespectacled dog presenting a beautiful rose flower.
A funny ecard to put a smile on his face while wishing him all the good things that a good father deserves.

8. Happy Fathers Day Sausage Dog eCard with balloon

This ecard is great to express your love and gratitude to dad for his kindness and tenderness in mentoring you to become what you’ve become today. The ecard features a sausage dog holding a balloon of a heart.

9. Happy Fathers Day Chin eCard with balloon

Similar to the above ecard, this ecard is equally ideal to express one’s love and gratitude to dad for his kindness and support in making you such a strong person you’re today. The ecard features a bespectacled dog holding a balloon of a big heart.

10. Happy Father’s Day 5 pints of beer eCard

And last but not least, this is another funny Father’s Day ecard. It shows five pints of beer and a message: Happy Father’s Day and dad don’t forget your 5 a day, you have a good excuse, I mean reason today.

Father’s Day eCard is certainly the most popular eCards sent in June. It tends to beat charity birthday eCards into second place. So, what is the difference or what is new about Father’s Day charity birthday ecards in 2024? A number of things, the most important one being the introduction of funny charity father’s day ecards.
Like we have done on previous Father’s day, here are the 10 most exciting, some would say the best funny Father’s Day charity eCards we put together for you in 2024.

Each ecard is listed in the order of how funny they are. As we know, what one person considers funny may not be funny to the next person. So, to some extent the ranking of these father’s day ecard is subjective. Please comment if you think there is a Father’s Day ecard that should be on this list, that is not listed.