Description – Want to maximise your company’s online presence and improve your business performance? Facebook Business Manager has a range of tools and features that can help you accomplish this. Here’s what you should know about business accounts in 2021!

Now more than ever, people are looking for smart ways to update their businesses and to make cash online. No matter what your business specializes in, online advertising is essential to growth and success in 2021. While many businesses have a Facebook Business page and run Facebook ads, Facebook Business Manager has a lot of features that can make running your business easier. From giving more tailored access to employees or online partners to more targeted knowledge of analytics, Facebook Business Manager can help give your company an edge in 2021. 

What is Facebook Business Manager?

So, let’s start at the beginning – what is Facebook Business Manager, and how can it help you? If you run any sort of business, you probably have a business Facebook page. You may also use Facebook ads to run campaigns, or you might use Facebook analytics to chart the success of these ads. 

Facebook Business Manager is essentially a host feature that allows you to combine all of your business strategy elements in one place. Your Facebook Business Manager account can act as a host for your business pages, ad campaigns, admin pages, and employee network. It is also an effective communication point for collaborators or outside agencies you work with. 

This effectively allows you to contain all of your business activity on Facebook within one business account. It gives you greater separation between your business pages and your personal Facebook content, and has a ton of other benefits besides. The best part? You can update to Facebook Business Manager free of charge and start seeing great results for your business!

Facebook Business Manager Benefits

  1. Manage Multiple Ad Accounts

One of the best things about Facebook Business Manager is that it helps you to expand and diversify your business. With Facebook Business Manager multiple pages of ads or marketing content can be managed separately from your account. This means you can grow your business and keep promotional content for different parts of your company separate, while still controlling them from a single account. Sounds handy, right?

With a Business Manager account, Facebook also allows you to take different methods of payment. This means that you can work with a variety of clients across your ad pages and pay them according to their preference. This gives you extra benefit of more flexibility which is sure to appeal to potential partners and clients. 

  1. Manage Tasks and Employees

If you are working with a large team or you frequently work with external agencies, a Business Manager account can help you assign workload. Facebook Business Manager gives you more control over who has access to what in your team. It also allows you to see who is working on what project and keep tabs on how things are running.

Facebook Business Manager allows you to give employees or partners access to specific tasks. This differentiates employees from admins and means you can give someone access to a certain page without giving them permissions across the whole company site. Organizing your team efficiently is one of the most crucial parts of operating a business, so it’s great to know that a Business Manager can give you a helping hand. 

  1. Connect with Other Apps

Business Manager in Facebook also allows a smooth integration of other apps and features that you use to advertise your business. Through Facebook Business Manager mobile, you can manage things like your Instagram and Whatsapp accounts. This allows you to share content across different platforms and to communicate with customers more easily. 

These applications are also available for use on Facebook Business Manager for PC set-ups or for Facebook Business Manager desktop app settings. Again, the major pro about this type of account is the ability to diversify while still managing things from a single, convenient online space. The more ways you have to reach clients and manage staff, the better. And the more control you have over how your platforms are organized, the more you can focus your business. 

  1. Manage Your Commerce Accounts

If you run a Facebook shop or Instagram store, you can continue to manage these through Facebook Business Manager. Business Manager accounts include a commerce section, so you can keep track of all your purchases and online catalogues. It also allows you to run ads on your commerce pages so you can draw attention to certain products or promotions. 

  1. Manage Pixels and Conversions 

From Facebook Business Manager, you can manage pixels and tweak code to understand conversions and create more targeted content. Pixels allow you to track visits to your page and monitor which products customers view or take an interest in. By adapting your pixel code, you can also help improve conversion rates and build custom conversions based on user history. This process allows you to direct customers to products they will likely enjoy based on previous searches or site engagements. 

  1. Enjoy Facebook Business Manager Analytics Tools

You can also make use of the Facebook Business Manager analytics features. The Business Manager has a powerful analytics set and can help you maximise your targeted advertising in a way that tangibly pays off. This is one of the things that often comes up in Facebook Business Manager reviews and highlights the practical usefulness of the product. 

Facebook Business Manager offers a range of visuals to measure all aspects of your business progress. Graphs give insight into user numbers and page visits. You can also keep track of funnel conversion and purchases to see how customers are finding your products and whether they are buying when they do. 

You can also receive visual notifications about your revenue streams and any variations in your performance over time. Analytics tools also give you the option to track repeat purchases and to view the time it takes for customers to make a purchase. This can give you insight into the effectiveness of your targeted advertising and whether customers are likely to return via similar channels or become site regulars. 

  1. Use Business Asset Groups

The Business Asset Groups feature allows you to combine all aspects of your business and run them all from the same control centre through your business account. This is ideal if you work with multiple teams or companies or if you run multiple ventures. This feature is also similar to the Lines of Business tool, which helps you to manage workflow across various teams or departments online.

How to Get Started with a Facebook Business Manager?

So, does a Business Manager account sound like it might be for you? Do you love the sound of it but feel slightly intimidated by the process of getting started? The goods news is, there is plenty of help and advice out there for getting your business account off the ground. To make a start you can take several steps. Why not?

  1. Check Out a Facebook Business Manager Guide Online

People have got plenty to say about Business Manager accounts. Even a basic web search should throw up lots of handy advice. Facebook itself also offers a pretty comprehensive guide to the platform when you look up how to install. What’s more, the process is relatively simple. If you already manage a Facebook business page, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

  1. Watch a Business Manager Set-Up Video

If you’re a visual learner, an online video might be for you. Look up a Facebook Business Manager tutorial online to help you get going. There are plenty out there that break the process down into manageable steps and that will help you take your business to the next level. 

  1. Verify Your Business 

You will need to confirm your identity and verify your business before you can set up a Business Manager account on Facebook. To start this process, you can go to the Security Centre and enter your business details. You may also need to upload certain proofs of identity in order to go ahead. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, Facebook Business Manager email verification will be activated, and you can open your account. This can also be done via text message using a valid phone number that you have access to. Alternatively, you can also verify using your business domain to open a business account. 

There might be a slight wait on the verification confirmation coming through, so don’t panic if you don’t hear from Facebook straight away. Remember, you can always contact Facebook Business Manager help desks online if you’re having problems getting verified or creating an account. The process is usually very straightforward, and you should have access to your new account in no time! 


Want to expand your business while focusing your advertising and attracting new customers? Want a premium way to manage your team and gain more control over who can access which parts of your site? When it comes to managing your business online, Facebook Business Manager really is the complete package and can help you take your venture to new heights!

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