Web Directory Listing – Sure Way to Increase Website Traffic

Web Directory Submission
Having your website listed in web directories is one of the best and cheapest ways to attract additional traffic and increase backlinks to your site (the more relevant links to your website, the better your search engine ranking). If you are considering using directory submission services as part of your website marketing, you need to choose carefully. There a several competing directory submission services on the web (quite a number of directory submission companies are either India or USA based), when choosing, you want to choose a UK based company that knows the directory landscape in UK, hence able to list your website in UK based directories.

Directory Submission Services

At Temi, our SEO professionals can help you get your site listing in some of the leading UK website directories. Our directory submission is done manually so approval of your site in our chosen directories is guaranteed.
We do not submit your site to free directories, we only use UK directories of the highest quality. Title, description and keywords used to submit your website is created manually by one of our SEO consultants, once your site submission is completed, you will be sent a report including the page on each of the directories your site was submitted to.

Temi’s UK directory submission package starts from £200, please click here to contact us about about our manual directory submission package.

Directory Promotion Resources

If you will rather submit your website to UK directories by yourself, here are some information and link you may find useful.

  • Site Promotion . info – This is a website promotion and directory submission services. Part of the services provided by site promotion includes a comprehensive Web Directory List and a free automated directory submission service.
  • Web Directory List – This website does exactly what it says on the tin, it is a list and reviews of some of the leading UK web directories. Like Temi.co.uk it provides a manual web directory submission services.
  • Ozami Internet Guide .
  • UK Webmaster Directory – This is a niche UK webmaster directory. You will find websites related web hosting, domain names, web design and development and related websites in this directory.

To UK Web Directories

Below are some of UK’s top web directories including directories in various niches. When submitting your site to a directory, first seek out a direcot that specialise in the niche your site is targetting before submitting your site to general web directories.

Environment, ethics and green issues directory
The high profile given to environmental concern by the media in recent years has forced issues such as sustainability, ethical food production, fair trade and other ethical issues high on the agendas of government all over the world. This is reflected online in terms of the numbers of new web directories created recently to catalog the vast number of environmental issues related site springing up.
One such new directory is Ethical Directory. Based in UK, Ethical Directory sets out to catalog green and eco websites. Webmasters of sites with contents to do with the environment and how to make it a better can list theirs site in Ethical Directory free of charge. After adding your site to Ethical Directory, you should visit Ethical Directory Blogs for the latest information about the directory and other eco issues.

Web Directory Forum

Web Forums are fantastic sources of information, way before the popularity of social media, web forums were the original web 2.0 user generated contents. Till this day, one of the best sources of information about any topic is forums so if you want to find out more about a particular directory or web directories in general, you should visit a web directory forum such as the one run by webmaster serve.