Common mistakes to avoid in web development - update

Common mistakes to avoid in web development – update

Tips for developers to code error free websites

The online web development world has evolved a lot ever since 1990 with the introduction of web pages to the innovation of web applications. Users are more intrigued to get the answers to their searches with some dynamic features of well-build websites. Unlike the past times, when people only have to get satisfied with the static content present on the web pages. This urge for interactive websites raises the need for hiring pro developers, who can keep themselves updated with the changes in the online world and thrive hard to meet the user demands.

At present people are so much engaged in online shopping, banking, entertainment, and other purposes. This requires some active professionals who make flawless applications to keep the user engaged like forever to a particular business. However, we cannot deny the fact that humans will make mistakes no matter what. So, here are some of the top mistakes of web developers that should be avoided this year.

1. Non-responsive website design – One of the worst mistakes that a developer can make is not keeping up with the RWD i.e. responsive web design. A well-built website will never cause a hassle to its user, no matter whether it is being used on a mobile or a desktop. This problem can actually lead to bad user experience and low ranking. Instead of scrolling and adjusting the mobile screen resolution as per the website, the user will switch from your website.

Solution –
To avoid this loss to your online business, hire a web developer who targets different devices and resolutions beforehand. Also, that professional must be cautious to practice the effective testing in the emulators and getting the right idea about how the user is going to see your website. This will lead to a user- friendly development.

2. Outdated HTML – If you are hiring a developer who has been coding for a long time may make
this mistake by using outdated HTML. In browsers like Microsoft Edge and Explorer, there will be a lot of problems due to the usage of ‘lots’ or ‘&nbps’s and also, there will be an increased line of code. They should switch to a newer version of HTML to get more options for markup.

The developer ought to update himself or herself about the latest technologies and initiate working with advanced markup elements. This advancement will let the personnel develop the website as per the latest industry standards and with clean codes. Also, CSS3 features will be available to make more intriguing content layouts.

3. No compatibility with other browsers – A website is considered the best in the duration when it can work flawlessly on all the available browsers. Gone are the days when a single browser was present and people make use of it only to view sites. Sometimes, this incompatibility can happen with the negligence of a developer hired by you, who might be biased about a browser. Or, simply might not consider it important to check the websites in different browsers. But, the truth is all the factors are well-checked only if it is ascertained how a website renders in different browsers. Otherwise, the developed website will be browser-centric and would perform poorly in other browsers like- Chrome, Safari, Firefox and so on.
It is unrealistic to check your website on every browser so making the use of analytic tools will be helpful to find and remove the CSS and HTML issues. Also, it is necessary to examine the performance of the site on the targeted browser. Besides, cloud testing platforms can be put into use for quicker testing of various browsers simultaneously.

4. Design is important– Whether it is a simple application or a complex website, there should be a high-level of design. This standard goes as it is when you design the UI and interactions as well as while handling the tasks of the front end. When you hire a web developer, make sure they prepare a design before initiating the development. This will give them ample time to do programming and further parts of development with a free mind.

Making use of Adobe XD and Sketch tools for the designing of the UI will let the developer come up with a great design. The basic idea is to give the much-needed importance to the design of the website and put it first than anything another task of web development.

5. Communication – when the developer does not continually remain in touch with the website owner, this is when the gap starts occurring. Eventually, the professional should understand it is their website and should possess all the desirable features suggested by them. No matter initially you have discussed their interests, plans and design requirements, you should ask for timely approval after each segment to the utmost satisfaction. For instance- the developer should not begin with the programming until the design is approved by the website owner.

Never skip having a look at their business or brand logo and study the ongoing campaigns as this will tell you a lot about their preferences and goals. Basically, a developer who is hired should not leave any stone unturned to develop a persona of the website owner. The website should reflect the predetermined goals of the business it is concerned with. One should work as per the milestone criteria to avoid any disliking of the client related to their website requirements.

Remember, any of the above mistakes can make your user abandon your website and switch to your competitor. Eventually, you will lose a potential customer of your product or services and there will be reduced in your profits. And, this needs to be avoided at any cost to let your business have all the required gain in its domain. Try to use the above-given solutions to have the possible website for the representation of your business.

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