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Sending a Christmas card or eCard in 2024? You should send a charity Christmas eCard.  Given how much postage stamps cost in  2024, charity Christmas eCard is far cheaper, better and help a good cause. 

The primary reason for sending a Christmas card is to send Christmas greetings, which a charity Christmas eCard will do, with the added bonus of helping a good cause.  Some Christmas eCards are free of charge, others you need to make a donation.  On this page, you will find links to some of the best Christmas charity eCards online. They have been carefully curated just for you. 

Some of the sites allow you to schedule your eCard well before Christmas, so that closer to the date, you do not need to think of sending Christmas greetings. 


1. Classic Christmas eCard Stag in Wintery Landscape –  Hope Spring Charity

Classic Christmas eCard By Hope Spring

Above is one of the best charity ecards for Merry Christmas & Happy New Year greetings. The ecard is offered by Hope Spring eCards, and features a reindeer in a winter scene. As one of the popular symbols associated with Christmas, reindeer symbolises resourcefulness, knowledge, creativity and endurance. It is an artistic masterpiece and Christmas mood lumped into one digital package to express your Christmas spirit and wishes to your loved ones. 

Hope Spring eCards is an ecard platform of Hope Spring Water, an Hereford-based water poverty alleviation charity. Donations you made by sending this ecard goes into providing safe, clean water to communities in Africa the charity works. 


2. Christmas eCard Bethlehem  By Marie Curie Charity

Christmas eCard – Bethlehem

This is an artistic Christmas ecard by one of the UK’s leading end of life charities, Marie Curie. It has many interesting features that convey the Christmas mood. 

Marie Curie  provides frontline nursing and hospice care, a free support line and a wealth of information and support on all aspects of dying, death and bereavement. The donations you made by sending their Christmas ecard helps Marie Curie provide care for people facing the end of life. 


3.  Christmas eCard by Pilgrims Hospices

Christmas eCard by Pilgrims Hospices

Pilgrims Hospices also gives you that wonderful opportunity to spread holiday cheer with a Christmas card that is environmentally friendly. 

By sending Pilgrims Hospices e-card, you’re not only brightening someone’s Christmas but also offering some support to  families across east Kent who are facing this Christmas with an incurable illness.


4.  Hope Spring Water Charity – London bus with London eye

Hope Spring Water Charity – London bus with London eye

Santa Claus always comes with many gifts to delight everyone and for Christmas 2022, he’s coming with a bus full of them. This is the message being communicated by this terrific ecard. Did you also notice that the gift boxes come in different sizes, shades and colours? This and more make this ecard all the more terrific and one the most perfectly designed Christmas charity ecards you would love to send to your friends, colleagues and family members to wish them an awesome Christmas celebration yet. This is another Christmas ecard by Hope Spring. 


5. Walk the Walk Breast Cancer Charity Christmas eCard

Walk the Walk Christmas eCard

Walk the Walk is dedicated to raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes and to encourage women, men and children to start walking as a way of keeping fit and healthier. By sending Walk the Walk, you help people with breast cancer and also help save trees. 


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6. Making A Difference Charity Christmas eCard Platform

Making A Difference Charity Christmas eCard Platform

Making A Difference Cards offer Christmas ecards and allows you to donate to charity and/or fundraise for the charity closest to your heart or that of the person you are sending the card to. Making A Difference personalised cards and ecards allow you to support your chosen charity all year round. They have a wide range of Christmas cards and ecards, raising money for a number of UK charities. 


7. NSPCC Charity Christmas eCard

NSPCC Charity Christmas eCard

NSPCC offers a range of beautiful charity Christmas ecards which are hosted on NSPCC is  a London-based charity, their mission is to do everything possible to keep childhood safe from abuse, so children can grow up healthy and thrive. 


8. Tom’s Trust Christmas eCard

Tom’s Trust Christmas eCard

As shown on the ecard, it’s designed by a 10-year-old Layla. The imagination behind the design is in some sense beyond what you would have expected of someone so young. This is the similar story for almost each of the charity Christmas ecards offered by Tom’s Trust. The charity aims  to ensure all children within 19 years of age diagnosed with brain tumours in the UK have access to in-depth mental health support following diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. 


9. CHECT Christmas eCard

Christmas eCard By CHECT

CHECT gives you the opportunity to share Christmas love by sending their Christmas ecard to your loved ones. Once you’ve sent their ecard, you’ll be given the opportunity to make a donation. Though there’s no obligation to do this, a generous charitable gift will help the charity achieve its objectives as the amount you donated will help raise awareness of retinoblastoma.


10. Christmas eCard By PDA Society

Christmas eCard By PDA Society

PDA Society Shop offers a range of Christmas ecards including this Christmas Party Panda designed by Sarah Mills. Sending this ecard to your loved ones will help raise awareness and proceeds from your donations will support the charity. 


Some of the best charity Christmas cards and eCards in 2022

We all have our favourite ways of spreading the good tidings of Christmas. Most of the time we exchange cards and gifts with family and friends. Most of the time, we do not consider charities. Do you know that you can still give to charities without increasing your Christmas spending budget?  

By buying your christmas cards from the list of  best charity christmas cards on this page, you will be sending christmas cards that could make a difference to people’s lives. You will basically be sending your 2022 Christmas greetings one a well designed charity christmas card as well as supporting a good cause through the purchase of their Christmas cards, a fundraiser for most charities at Christmas. 

There have been environmental arguments for not sending Christmas cards in some quarters.  The joy, good feeling and happiness a charity christmas card can bring to the life of the recipient and the additional donations it raises for charities and other good causes makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

If you are really set against paper based Christmas greeting cards, then see  the best Charity Christmas eCard for 2022 page, where we list some of the best charity ecards.  Electronic cards are not CO2 free, their carbon footprint is however less than the carbon footprint of paper Christmas cards.  Christmas cards printed on sustainably sourced, FSC certified paper have a very low carbon footprint.