The number of smartphone users amounts to hundreds of billions. The app economy comprising the app marketplaces of iOS and Android is already a multi-billion-dollar industry. Still, this exponential growth story of apps also made app business a tremendously competitive one. 

Making your app visible and easily discoverable is no longer an easy job. But some time-tested practices and tips are still useful in enhancing the discoverability of the apps. The vast majority of successful apps have been benefited from these tested and tried App Store Optimisation (ASO) practices. 

Here we are going to explain the most tested and tried practices to improve app store ranking. 

Work on Areas to Encourage Downloads 

Just maintain calm for a minute and think what the key aspects that inspire people to download apps are. Just consider a few fundamental aspects like the below mentioned and work on them. 

  •         What is the key value proposition of your app or precisely, what is the most important reason for using your app? Now think, how to portray this value proposition in an easy to understand way through app description, app title, visuals and design elements.  
  •         Consider how you can take advantage of WOM (Word of Mouth) marketing? If a friend of yours likes the app, consider how you can motivate him to share a good message with others. 
  •         Which adoptions can provide your best exposure to your audience within the available budget? Choose ad options accordingly. 
  •         Consider the best effective ways to target and connect your app audience on social platforms. 
  •         Lastly, consider how you can utilize your existing website or your brick and mortar store or your existing business channels to promote your app and reach out to your target audience easily.
  •         Last but not least, fine-tune the elements of the app store description, title, images, videos, and keywords for encouraging downloads. 

Optimizing App Title

In case you already have an app listed in the Play Store or App Store, don’t change the app title as it can make it even more difficult for users to find your app. But if you are choosing a title for a new app, you need to consider the following aspects.  

  •         The title should be short, catchy, and easy to remember. 
  •         The title precisely describes the value proposition of your app. 
  •         The title should be unique without resembling any other app title. 
  •         Lastly, it should be creative enough to draw attention easily. 

Use the Appropriate Keywords

Just like search engines of the web, the app stores also find relevant apps against searches through keywords and search terms. The very gross and common keywords are less effective for an app with respect to getting visibility. 

You need to brainstorm keyword ideas by mixing and matching search terms and keywords of your niche. You can also engage your existing customers to find effective keywords. Look for a variety of hashtags on social platforms corresponding to your niche to know the popular keywords and search terms. 

You can also use some effective tools for this purpose. App store optimization tools such as PreApps or Sensor Tower are highly efficient in tracking the right keywords and search terms. Lastly, localize the keywords for your target location, region or country to become visible to users in that region or country. Lastly, don’t opt for highly competitive keywords that are harder for search ranking. Start with keywords subjected to low competition or medium-level completion.  

Use Visually Compelling Icons and Screenshots

Most app users read very less, and so visuals play an important role in boosting traction and engagement. Compelling visuals can give you more opportunities in the app marketplace. An easily recognizable app icon helps users remember your app for longer. 

Most users, while deciding to download an app, decide based on screenshots. This is why it is ideal for providing a lot of representative screenshots that describe the look, feel, and usability of your app perfectly. 

Make sure the templates you use helps the screenshots to appear with a professional and pleasing look. The visuals describe your app and its key value proposition to the visitors. 

Make Use of Video

Providing a video within the app store page can help you optimize results. It has been seen that video on the app page can increase downloads to the extent of 35%. Video content clearly describes your app with no scope of confusion. 

Now, don’t make the video long. Keep it short and precise and focus on telling the visitors about your key value proposition that helps your app stand out from the competition. The video should also showcase the most valuable features of your app. 

Backlinks and SEO 

With credible backlinks within your app page, you can easily drive traffic and increase the authority of your app brand. Provide backlinks to websites that are most relevant for your app and that help visitors with useful content. 

You can also use your website to drive traffic to your app page by utilizing the proven SEO strategies. Publish relevant content regarding your app and related niche topics on your website and engage in a rigorous SEO and content marketing drive. Now, you can promote your app through App Store or Play Store links from the same website.  


All the methods that we described above for improving app market visibility and downloads are tested and tried by many successful apps. If you want to give your app page a boost in terms of visibility and traction, following these tips is a must.

Author Bio

Jamie  Waltz is a senior mobile app developer at Squareroot Solutions – A IT company that offers app development services. Helping businesses in building a robust, cost-effective mobile app that helps in optimizing the business process. He has years of experience in app development technologies and holds expertise in native app development. He loves to write articles that add value to peoples knowledge.


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