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Motivation is something most people chase most of their lives. They want to feel more inspired, combat procrastination, and tackle their daily tasks better and with less difficulty.

Unfortunately, motivation can sometimes be quite fickle and hard to come by. Fortunately, there are some powerful ways to boost it you can reach for whenever you start to feel unmotivated and sluggish.

Clean and Organize Your Space

You are probably fairly familiar with the saying “A tidy house equals a tidy mind.” It has been proven that clutter in the home makes for clutter in the mind, increases stress levels, and makes you feel scattered and disorganized.

When you want to feel more motivated, start by cleaning up your home and workspace, whether it’s in an office or at home. As you tackle each task, you will start to feel better about yourself. The satisfaction that comes after completing a big job will make you feel more confident and motivated.

Aim to keep the area you want to feel motivated in as tidy as possible at all times. Doing ten minutes of cleaning and clearing away every day will be much less taxing than having to do a thorough cleanup.

Create Lists For Everything

Speaking of ticking things off your to-do list, if you are the kind of person who feels motivated and energized by crossing things off a piece of paper, surround yourself with lists.

Write down every task that awaits you in every area of your life, and start ticking them off one by one. The dopamine you start to produce when being effective will help you stay motivated and want to tackle even more.

Ideally, you will create your lists on paper, as crossing things out with a pen is much more effective than ticking things off on your phone.

Note that this tactic will not work for everyone, as some people quickly get overwhelmed when they are faced with a long list of things they need to do. If this is you, find another way to stay on top of your tasks that will not stress you out additionally.

Find a Motivational Playlist

Music is an incredible motivator and can significantly influence your mood and emotional state. We associate certain emotions with certain songs, which is why hearing a seemingly random tune can make us crack a smile or burst into tears.

When looking to get things done and boost your productivity levels, avoid playing the songs you usually listen to, as they can end up distracting you. Instead, find playlists that you only use when you want to work.

Spotify and YouTube are full of different motivational playlists. Some feature instrumental music, and others offer upbeat remixes of popular songs. You can also listen to music from your favorite game or ASMR videos: anything that helps you focus and slip into the zone.

Prioritize Quality Sleep

Sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice when looking to achieve more in our day. However, it turns out it should be the one we never compromise.

Sleep deprivation leads to mood swings, the inability to focus and make decisions, shortened attention spans, and a profound lack of motivation. When our bodies are tired, our brains simply don’t have the energy to thrive.

Start by finding a high-quality mattress that will match your sleep needs. Mattresses without fiberglass are great if you have sensitive skin or suffer from asthma, and they will provide a very comfortable night.

Upgrade your pillows and bedding too, and make sleep time a priority. No Netflix show, no work or personal obligations should prevent you from getting at least 7 hours of rest every night.

Host a Friendly Competition

Another great way to feel more motivated is to compete against your friends, family, or coworkers. Competition has been shown to boost both productivity and motivation — as long as it stays friendly.

When you are competing against someone and doing your best to win, your body secretes all kinds of hormones that sharpen your senses and reward you for a good performance. The high from these hormones will keep you motivated even after the competition is over.

You don’t have to make it too complicated. A game of Scrabble, some basketball, charades, or a quiz will all work very well.

Have a Reward in Mind

The human brain is often highly motivated when there is a reward waiting after something has been achieved. If this is how your mind typically operates, set up a reward system. Have something in store for yourself for specific milestones.

You know your mind best; you will quickly learn what kinds of rewards work for what kinds of tasks. They don’t have to be big, nor do they have to involve an expense. They can be as simple as “I’ll watch the latest episode of that show I’m into only after I’ve completed this and that.”

Enjoy the Journey

We often get caught up in the final outcome and forget to also enjoy the things we get to do to achieve it. This future-oriented viewpoint can often lead to increased stress and a lack of motivation.

Instead of looking too far ahead and imagining what you’ll feel like once you’ve done something, focus on enjoying all the little things you need to do to get there. By shifting your focus to the present, you will feel more grounded and motivated, ready to handle the task ahead.

This tactic will work for any task, but it is especially beneficial for large tasks that need a lot of time to be completed or goals that you’ll need to work on for years.

Wrapping Up

There will be days and weeks when you feel highly driven and nothing can stop you. There will also be days when getting out of bed seems too difficult. Don’t punish yourself on the days when you feel less motivated. Give yourself time off, and try some of these tactics to get back where you want to be.