In the age of fierce competition, every company that wants to succeed should build a consistent content marketing strategy. With the help of advanced content marketing techniques, it’s possible to drive engagement, create brand awareness, and boost sales.

Do you want to know what the most effective ways to sell your products online in 2019 are? Read this article to learn content marketing tips and tricks that will take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Personalize emails

Let’s talk about the content of your emails. Do you personalize every letter you send? If your answer is “no”, then it’s time to incorporate some changes into your current content marketing strategy.

You can be sure that “personalization” is not just a buzzword. Modern customers get dozens of emails daily, and they have neither time nor desire to check each of them. So you need to use personalization to make your letters to stand out.

If you don’t know what email personalization is all about, here is an example for you. LinkedIn uses email marketing to sell premium services. Instead of writing phrases like: “Hi there! Pay for our premium services, please”, the company personalized the email in the following way:

  • The letter starts from personalized salutation to grab the addressee’s attention
  • The email contains the phrases “thanks for being an active member” and “give you a special offer” that makes the addressee feel valued
  • Also, it includes the phrase “We love your ambitions” typed in large font. This simple trick helps to engage the user
  • There is a personalized signature that makes the letter more intimate and open

Screenshot source: Private email sent by LinkedIn

Share user-generated content

You should understand that today, customers don’t pay attention to the colorful ad banners. They tend to trust in content created by real customers more than in an ad designed by professional marketers.

The truth is that modern shoppers make more informed buying decisions. They compare prices, read customers reviews, and do research online before making a purchase. So if you want to win the target audience’s attention, you should share user-generated content.

Modern customers publish dozens of photos on their social media profiles daily. So why don’t you to benefit from that?

You can follow famous fashion brands example and use user-generated pictures instead of professionally taken product photos. For instance, H&M reposts customers photos to show that their dresses look good not only on professional models but also on ordinary girls.

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Collaborate with influencers

If you want to sell products online, you should treat social media influencers as your best friends. According to statistics, the average earned media value per one dollar spent on influencer marketing is $5.20. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

As it was mentioned before, modern customers do not trust in ads. However, they fully trust in recommendations given by their favorite influencers.

So if you have never collaborated with digital celebrities before, it’s time to do it right now:

  • Do research to find Instagram and YouTube influencers in your specific niche. Make sure that chosen influencer has a good reputation.
  • Reach out the influencer and discuss the rates and terms of collaboration.
  • Choose a few of your best products and send them to the influencer.
  • Do not allow the influencer to publish content without your permission. Monitor the quality of every social media post.
  • Make sure that every post contains the words “ad” or “sponsored” in the caption. Be honest with your target audience.

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Create how-to videos

Do you wonder why your target audience does not rush into buying your innovative product? Probably, people have no idea how to use it. If this is a case, you should create a how-to instruction video to solve this problem.

Your task is to explain how to install, use, apply, maintain and/or clean your product. You can be sure that once your prospective customers understand how your product works, your sales will goes up.

Imagine that you are a customer. Your parents need a blood pressure monitor, and you want to buy the best option available. However, it’s important for you to pick an easy-to-use product because your parents have troubles using high-tech gadgets.

What will you do to make the right purchasing decision? It’s highly likely that you will try to search for additional information on Google. Once you find a video that proves that the chosen model of blood pressure monitor is easy-to-use, you will make a purchase.


Create branded content

If you want your company to increase profit in the long run, you should make people emotionally attached to your brand. You can do it with the help of branded content.

What is branded content? This is a type of content that promote the company’s values rather than advertise the company’s product.

Here is an excellent example of branded content. Colgate published the video “Every Drop Counts” to encourage people to turn off the faucet while brushing the teeth. In this way, the company contributed to the issues of water management and sustainability.

The difference between an ad and branded content is following. Colgate’s ordinary video ad provokes such thoughts: “This new Colgate toothpaste seems to be a good product. I need to add it to my grocery list.” Colgate’s branded video provokes such thoughts: “Hey, I need to change my habits and save more water!”

Screenshot source:

Well, branded videos like this one will not help you to boost your sales right here and right now. But it will positively influence the image of your company and will allow you to achieve your business goals in the future.

In conclusion

If you want to maximize ROI, don’t hesitate to use pieces of advice given in this article. Create different types of content and do your best to build a solid online presence.

Learn more about the preferences of your target audience to provide the most valuable, relevant, and informative content. It will help you to boost eCommerce sales and achieve other short-term and long-term business goals.


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