Brief introduction

This company is one of the biggest provider of domains within the UK and being a part of one of the biggest web hosts in the UK has definitely helped the company to cement its place in this industry. The company believes in being at the forefront of technology and has also refreshingly adopted the policy of going green as evidenced in their data center facility. This center has the proud distinction of utilizing systems that consume very low energy and by saving on such costs; the company has been able to pass on the benefits to their customers as well.
Services offered
Providing domain names and facilitating transfer

This is their main strength and they also facilitate free transfer of domain names. Domain registration is a simple three step process and you get many benefits in the form of email forwarding, DNS control and also the opportunity to spend money on advertising if you buy more than £30 worth of domains.
The free one month trial offer on the ecommerce package enables you to launch your online shop quickly thanks to the easy set up process. They offer three different packages with the most expensive one at £39.99 offering a total business solution package supporting more than 10,000 products and 500 categories. All the packages come with the security of the SSL certificate so that online customers are reassured about the legitimacy of your business and feel encouraged to shop.
Web hosting
Set up your website online quickly choosing any one of the four packages on offer depending on your requirement. Choose either Windows or Linux and avail of enough storage facilities at reasonable rates. Linux packages allow the usage of languages like Perl, PHP and CGI to develop sites that is interactive. The packages also include MySQL for Linux and Microsoft SQL for Windows.
Instant Site

This is yet another customer friendly service offering that enables you to design your own website and have it running within minutes. It allows for great degree of customisation without any compromise on its professional appearance.

The 123-reg mailbox facility lets you choose an email address that has your domain name so that others find it easy to remember and moreover it comes with total virus and anti-spam safeguard. Current offer is an attractive one where you can save more than £15.

Virtual private and dedicated servers

The company offers these servers through its sibling Webfusion and you can have access to a powerful hosting platform. The virtual private servers will allow you to host multiple sites along with the software of your choice.


* Great experience
* Local customer support
* Good reputation amongst customers
* Knowledgeable customer service staff

What customers have to say?

Customers are very satisfied at the level of prompt and reliable services offered by this company. They are happy that they always get solutions to their problems and they feel safe doing business. They also feel that the company is very transparent about its dealings and perceive customers as valuable partners in growth.

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