There are many cogs that all work together to get the machine that is a functioning business moving and one of the most integral parts of this is customer reviews. These are important and should be a major part of any businessperson’s marketing plan, whether you work in an actual shop or do most of your work online. This post will look into more detail about why reviews are so important to your business. 


They Provide Social Proof of Your Business 

There are a number of threats that face consumers who shop online, such as scams. When you have a huge array of reviews on your website, you are providing social proof that the service you are offering is legitimate. This is important for all businesses, but especially if you are selling something quite expensive. For instance, take CC Specialist Cars who deal with car sales Dunkinfield. These sell a huge range of different, high-quality vehicles, but due to this quality, people are going to be very hesitant to part ways with money for cars if they are unsure about the website. Because this site has customer reviews on it, though, those that are browsing know that they will be entering into business with the very best. 


The numbers don’t lie with this point either, as it seems that product pages that contain customer reviews have 3.5 times more conversion than pages that don’t. Shoppers also say that they are much more likely to trust and engage with a page with reviews than one that doesn’t. 


Reviews Can Boost SEO 

There are lots of ways that your business can boost SEO, and one of the most effective is to have some customer reviews. When you do this, Google essentially sees it as you adding fresh content to your website, which means you will be valued as someone who is active online, which is great for SEO purposes. You will also be adding valuable keywords to your website by doing this, which is very helpful for SEO. 


Reviews Provide Your Business with Useful Feedback 

They can be beneficial to your business as well not only because when you get Google reviews, they can assist with people trusting you and your ranking but also, you may find out more about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. When you get a review, you can take in any feedback and alter how you do business. 


If there is a particular service that people like, then you will be able to focus more on that service and make it clear you do that in future marketing campaigns. In the same vein, if there is something that people don’t like about your business, you will be able to change to make it more user-friendly in light of those comments. Listening to your customers and changing what they do in light of their comments is one of the best ways to ensure your business continues to thrive.