Webmaster Forums such as UK Webmaster World, V7N, Site Point, Ozzu, Daniweb, Digital Point Webmaster Talk and other are know for facilitating discussion on various aspects of web development such as web hosting, domain name registration, web design, search engine marketing, web scripting and programming but the powerhouse of most webmaster forum is the Marketplace. This is were wembasters actually make money from buy, sell, exchange and trade in websites, advertisement, tools and even websites.
Webmasters Marketplace are usually the busiest section of forums, some forums such as Sitepoint are more famous for their marketplace than the SEO or other discussion. One of the things that make marketplace a success are the easy of use when compared with other ways of buying and selling small goods and services online, most webmaster markeplace are also free, do there is not buyer or seller premium on goods.

When offering items for sale, its is usually nice to give as much details about the item as possible, if it is an item needs a demo version, provide a link to where a working copy of the item you are trying to sell can be seen.
Not all webmasters are a fan of Marketplace, Zoltan Bagi, a webmaster with many years of experience using and moderating forums express concern “Webmaster Marketplace” are usually magnets for spammers.
Bagi’s observation is quite correct but spamming is not unique to marketplace, its a burden the entire world wide web is suffering from. Forum owner tends to have policy and mechanism inplace to reduce or eliminate spamming so that users of the Marketplace will have a pleasant experience.

Webmaster Marketplace Etiquettes

  • Post you offer in the right topic or thread for example if you are selling, post in the for sale section and if you want to buy, post in wanted section.
  • Create a new post for each items you want to sell especially if the items are completely different, for example if you are selling text link ad and website contents, do not start a thread on selling text link ads and then add that “by the way, I also have website contents for sale.
  • Respond to enquiry about your item promptly when potential buyers contact you.
  • If you are selling software or script, be prepared to prove ownership or evidence that you have reseller right for the software or script.
  • After a transition completion, leave a feedback for the other party, iTrader or other ways of leaving feedback are usually provided.

Webmaster Marketplace Abbreviation
Like the Internet itself, webmaster forum and Marketplace in particular is full of abbreviation that can baffle beginners, here are a few examples of popular abbreviations in use in webmaster Marketplace:
WTB – Want To Buy.
WTS – Want To Sell.
ONO – Or Nearest Offer.
PM – Private Message.
iTrader – A rating and feedback system that allows you to comment of a transaction.
MTFBWY – May The Force Be With You.
YW – You are Welcome.
WRT – With Regard to.
AFK – Away from keyboard.
AFN – That is all for now.
MFA – Made for Adsense.

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