Web Hosting Check List

Web Hosting Check List

When a job or task that was once exciting becomes dull and boring, it is a sure sign that you need to pack it in or get inventive. When the task of explaining what FTP, Bandwidth and other web hosting related stuff at the web hosting section of Haba Naija forum got rather tedious, it was time to create forms, check list and other preprepared response to make responding to repetitive questions less tedious and more efficiently.

On of the benefits of having an answer scripts is the fact that some of the script can be shared with readers of this blog. An good example is the Web Hosting Check List and Web Hosting Abbreviations post first used at Haba Naija.

For an individual who wants to buy a web hosting space for personal use or for the use of a small business, you don’t need to know much about the platform your hosting company uses, if you are planning to use your web space for ecommerce or install an application that run on specific platform such as a Microsoft active server pages your may need to buy a Windows Hosting. If you do not need any special server side component they pretty much any hosting package will do the trick. Now to the hosting checklist itself and what should be on it.

Web Hosting Check List
Here are some of the services that should be included in you web hosting package, usually the more of each item your hosting company offers the better, for example, if you hosting package comes with 5 Gig data transfer per month, its better than one that offer 2 Gig data transfer per month.

Control Panel (Popular one includes cPanel and Plesk).
FTP Access
Secure Server Access
Password Protected Directories
Custom Error 404 pages
Database (MySQL, Microsoft SQL)
Sub Domains
SS1 (Server Side Include

Emails Services
Number of emails allowed
Spam Filter
Email Forwarder
Spam and Virus Filtering

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