Mobile technology is a kind of technology which is immensely utilized for cellular interaction and other associated purposes. It uses the type of platform where most of the transmitters hold the potential to send information at some time on an individual channel. This platform is known as Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). In the period which lies between 2010-16, mobile use in European countries hiked up to more than 10%, hitting the mark of 135% in 2016 alone.

It permits users to utilize individual frequencies as it limits the chances of restrictions of rates from two or more sources. There is a continuous improvement in this technology over the period and will succeed in grabbing a massive amount of users and defeating the existence of similar sources of the market like landlines and post offices.

The mobile technology has enhanced from an individual appliance utilised for phone calls and messaging to multitasking appliances for browsing, GPS navigation, messaging, and such.

The importance of mobile phones can’t be underestimated. So, let us check them out:

  • Internet is expensively browsed through mobile appliances

It was approximated that the proportion of consumers who use the internet via traditional computing devices will decrease from 24 lakh to 22.5 lakh in 2016 in the US. In contrast, the portion of people who use the internet on mobile appliances is anticipated to hike from 17.5 lakh to 26.5 lakh at the same time.

  • E-commerce transactions are conducted with the help of mobile appliances

On average, 20% of all e-commerce transactions occur through smartphones and tablets. Analysts also claim that the rate will hike up to more than 50% in the upcoming 3 years.

Unluckily, not every kind of e-commerce website is precisely developed to offer high quality of shopping experience on mobile platforms. Without an available site to showcase to users who use mobiles to surf, business houses will witness lower conversion rates.

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  • Social media have taken over the mobile

Highly popular application on Android and iPhone mobiles is those which permit users to manage social media accounts. This implies that the mobile phone technology is continuously evolving to offer its high user facility in all spheres of life, but along with this, they should understand that mobile users use mobiles to reach social media accounts more extensively than they use computing devices.

  • Mobile technology permits marketing is associated with the location

The vital importance of mobile phones is that most of the mobiles and tablets comprise location sensor technology, which permits applications to use the site of users. For devices which incorporates GPS, these applications can determine the location of users, after which it can flash coupons or deliver the details of nearby outlets.

As individuals generally carry mobile along with them wherever they go, this can come up as a massive chance to enhance business.

  • Mobiles eliminate restrictions for mobile marketing

A few years back, small screen sizes, incapable phones, and insufficient mobile e-commerce structures made it impossible to market products through mobile platforms. In those times, phones were only used for calling or messaging.

But due to the latest technology in mobile, smartphones which we have today and every growing proportion of tablets holds power to cause an impact on consumer behavior and the selling patterns of sellers.

  • Replacement of multimedia platforms like radio and TV

Instead of enjoying songs over the radio, a massive proportion of users prefer to use mobile applications for it. Most of the newly launched vehicles offer the alternatives of linking it with iPod and iPhones.

And for watching televisions for movies and shows, a huge number of users vouch for websites like Hulu and Netflix to enjoy their favorite series and films.


As the trends among users are under constant modification, marketing agencies are required to offer new and optimized methods to capture significant market share with ease.

  • Worthy demographic are mobile

For most of the establishments, the worthiest demographic of targeted clients are the ones who are young, well-educated, and have a sum kept aside as disposable income.

This demographic trend is ideal for people who spend most of their time on phones. Due to this, establishment who desires to convey their message to their audience now have a simple yet effective way to do so. In case the potential customers are from the older age group, as there is a quick expansion in the usage of new technology in mobile by that age group also.

  • Cost effective means

Mobile platforms prove to be very useful. Marketing to the targeted audience with the help of mobile platforms need imagination, strategizing and precisely performing the task, but in most of the instances, this can be achieved by cost-effective ways by mobile platforms in comparison to traditional media stores.

Capable of accessing potential clients accurately, and raise the bar of conversion rates can be done by mobile technology.

  • Affecting masses

Importance of mobile phones in our daily life is far fetching. Based on the nature of the establishments, if its scope stretches globally, then availing benefits of mobile technology is probably to be an essential facet of entire market planning and it can try chief platform to advertise businesses and its products.

To wrap up

Technology is under constant development, and so is the case with mobile technology. Comparing the smartphones that we use today with the ones we use five or maybe 10 years back, we can strike out a clear cut distinction in the uses of mobile technology.

As people across the world are witnessing different trends in the latest mobile technology. Earlier and incapable mobile technology will soon be, and newer forms will take its place.

The concept is the apprehend how clients behave to these modifications; they are the ones whose behaviors lead to a change of trends.

Experts recommend to ascertain upward trends and accept them to cater to the requirements of the future of mobile technology.


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