There are many benefits accruing to optimizing your social media or company website – especially the returns and promotion it brings to your business and its Facebook page. Social media optimization is simply creating awareness and bringing in organic [and not fake] engagement to a website or social media account. Seeing as there are over 80 million users of FacebookBusiness page, it would be smart thinking to try to increase one’s visibility and traffic on the platform with creative and engaging content, and of course, SEO.

With just the right tips, you can quickly get ahead of the visibility game and beat Facebook’s algorithms. Check out 10 cool, yet beneficial ways you can boost your Facebook page’s SEO below, (if you’re tired of Google Analytics, this one’s for you!)

#1 Engage your Audience

Nobody liked and followed your Facebook page just to see your promotional posts all the time. In fact, if you’re one of those pages riddled with promotional ads, you’re sending your page to an early grave. A lot of Facebook users are already tired of viewing target ads by Facebook. It becomes even more annoying to see Business pages also turning to a ‘mini-advertising company’. Most definitely, ads are a great way to improve the traffic on your page. But a typical Facebook user would love to have engaging, captivating content on their feed than a promo ad. Limit promotional ads on your page and stick to meaningful content. If you find it challenging to create content, try this 80/20 rule. Your content is what keeps your followers coming back. Keep your posts concise, straight to the point, and easily relatable.

#2 Make the Most of Your Insights

Facebook insights were created so that you could make the most benefit of them. If you use the information from your insight properly, you can quickly boost your page’s traffic organically. Facebook has graciously provided every business page the information they need to be able to reach a wider audience, such as best posting hours, amount of people who were reached by your post, amount of followers on every post, demographics of your audience, and lots more.

Facebook insights can take your business to the next level if you correctly use the data you garner wisely. Check out your insights and put them to good use.

#3 Page Name Is Everything

Have you heard about the phrase “It’s all in the name?” Well, in Facebook SEO, it really is. Having the right name on your Facebook page can better position your page for search engine optimization. The trick is to add the right keywords that represent your business into your Brand Name, while also trying not to appear spammy. If your page name is long and contains too many keywords, it may be damaging for your page, so you need to have just enough to look professional, as well as SEO ready. For instance, ‘Lily’s Café & Bistro: Eat in & Takeout – Coffee, Sandwiches, & Pancakes’ is not a good page name, it looks too desperate for attention. Try non-generic words instead. Also, avoid changing your Page name often, not only is it amateurish it makes it difficult for your followers to find you easily.

#4 Make the Most of Your Posts for SEO

Did you know that the first word and the first 18 characters in your posts are vital for your SEO? Facebook makes all content you post accessible to search engines, and Google places a high value on the first word of your post. If you want visibility on Google or other search engines, you need to make those first 18 characters of your post relevant. Simply do keyword research (try these research tools SEMRush or Ahrefs) and infuse keywords in your captions, photo descriptions, status updates, comments, etc.

#5 Restructure Your ‘About’ Tab

One of the first landing sites for new or potential followers is your About page. It is where you get a chance to tell the world about your business and the good you have to offer. You can sell yourself on this page, as well as drive traffic to your page by adding one or two RELEVANT keywords. Put to good use the 155 characters available by talking briefly about your company’s “Why” and how you think the new visitor to your site can benefit from it. Try not to be shabby about it; it’s not a good look for your page.

#6 Get Your Vanity URL

It’s much easier to search for your company using your Vanity URL than the automatic URL generated when you first created your Facebook Page. If you don’t know what a Vanity URL is, it is a branded URL for your page that is easy to remember and a bit descriptive of your business. To learn how to claim your vanity URL go here.

#7 Put Up Your Business Address

When you created your Facebook Page, it is most likely that you skipped inputting some information, especially in your ‘info’ tab. But it has become no news that having your business address is essential for local SEO. People in your locality are looking for you! Everybody likes having easy access to businesses around them, and so they search for businesses in their locality. Having your address in the info tab gives them a better chance of finding your business, don’t you think? Putting up your address, city, country, and zip code will help index your brand for local SEO.

#8 Get Feedback

Facebook Polls have been very effective in boosting engagement on business pages. A lot of people want to do something fun, no matter what context it is presented. You can try creating fun polls for your audience to engage in on a weekly basis. It could be in the form of a game, fun question, and answer sessions that educate about the business or simply the happenings in the society. Tailor your polls to be engaging, creative and interactive and watch your weekly engagements skyrocket! Facebook polls can be created both on the feed and story.

#9 Call Them To Action

By ‘them’ I mean your followers. Do not think they already know what to do, always make it easier for them to do what you want them to. Never forget to include a ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) in your content. Use action words that match your line of business such as ‘Book now’, ‘Subscribe here’, ‘Download for free’. This spurs the follower to take action and in return, drive more traffic to your page, and improve your search rankings

#10 Link Your Business Website

If you have a website for your business, then you need to do this ASAP. When you post content on your Facebook page, try to input hyperlinks to your business website that can direct your followers straight there. It not only helps to improve your website’s authority but gives your followers access to more content from you that will keep them coming back for more. You can direct your followers to your website with actionable words like ‘See more’, ‘Read more’, ‘Learn more’. With the right keywords and content, you are generating traffic for both your Facebook page and your website. Sweet deal!

Accurate use of the above tips will be of utmost benefit for your Facebook page’s SEO. It’s up to you now to flourish.

Author’s Bio: Cheryl Hearts is a passionate journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. She decided to dedicate her life to writing because she thinks this way she can be the most useful for the community. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Journalism, Cheryl started running her own blog where she’s covering topics of great interest to society.

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