You have designed a wonderful website and drafted a very nicely worded sales copy which is sure to bring customers to your website. However, have you given a thought to what payment processing system you will be using? You need to make sure that the system that you select is customer friendly and your online customers are able to complete their purchase transactions quickly and without any hassle.

When you have a robust payment processing system in place, you are able to infuse confidence in the merchants and customers using your website leading to enhanced sales going forward.

While many people use credit cards for making payments, you also have to cater to those who may wish to make payments through other means and this will surely enable you to boost sales at your website.

The different alternatives possible as a payment processing system are:

  • Processing related to credit and debit cards
  • ACH Processing
  • ELV
  • Wire transfer through bank
  • Debit directly to your account

1. Some of the credit card payment processing systems are as mentioned below.

a) One all time favorite credit card processing method is through Pay pal and most users who already have their individual card information registered with Pay pal will be loathe to change and you will do well to have the Pay pal system integrated with your website.

b) The other one is 2Checkout wherein you can set up the system and have it running pretty quickly and your customers will appreciate the facility you are providing them. This is sure to enhance sales of your eBooks. You only need to ensure your backend is well prepared to execute such transactions.

c) If software is one of the products you sell, then you would do well to choose payment systems such as the SWREG as this also helps in adequate protection of your software.

2. ACH Processing

This type of payment processing enables you to conserve both time and money. You can cater to customers who wish to electronically transfer funds and you can pass on benefits relating to the any savings in your cost to your customers helps save time and money. This gives your merchants a consistent and time tested method to manage cash better and you can process payments through a single portal which is safe.

3. ELV

This system is very good for customers not wanting to use their credit or debit cards and since payment is effected through a secure SSL encrypted terminal, it is quick and convenient for both merchant and the customer.

4. Wire transfer through bank

Through this system, merchants can transfer funds online from anywhere in the world and you can also do a seamless transfer of funds from one account to another. This is a secure process and the only thing is it could take some hours to complete one transaction.

5. Debit directly to the account

By far the most convenient and free of any hassles, this system enables you to accept debit payments. It provides merchants to defer their payments due and since it is simple to implement, merchants are more than happy to cooperate.

6. Usage of Cashless ATM Machines

This helps both merchants and customers as the former need not pay any processing costs and the latter can get some cash back on each transaction. The system is secure as there is no cash involved.

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