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10 Tips To Create Engaging & SEO-Friendly Content

Whether you run a business, blog or news site, creating engaging SEO content is absolutely crucial. It increases traffic to the site, increases the chance of leads and sales. By ranking you higher up on the search results, your website is much more likely to be...

6 Network Security Tips for Small Business

According to the research study by the National Cyber Security Alliance, over 70% of companies that get hacked are small businesses. The reason for that is simple. Most of them do not take adequate precautionary measures to protect their networks and do not perform...

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My name is Evgeniy, I am passionate about every aspect of digital marketing. I am particularly keen on search engine marketing, especially pay-per-click and search engine optimisation. I use Temi’s blog as a platform to share my passion for search engine marketing.

I know the importance of social media marketing in the digital marketing mix, but it’s not my forte, that is why I am particularly keen to hear from guest bloggers, who love writing about social media marketing. I will also like to hear from bloggers who blog about mobile app marketing.


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Evgeniy Garkaviy has been working in Search Engine Marketing for over three year. You can read more about Evgeniy here.