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9 Ways Infographics Can Boost Your SEO

In the world of SEO, there are constant changes – in Google’s algorithms, the role of social media in SERP positions, which tactics are still white hat… But one thing remains the same – infographics are still a great asset to build links. In fact, today we’ll tell you...

Digital Marketing Helper Wanted at Hope Spring

My name is Evgeniy Garkaviy, I am the digital marketing manager for Hope Spring Water. I have been a volunteer with Hope Spring since 2016. I helped develop and grow their online presence since I joined the charity as a volunteer. I find it extremely satisfying to use...

58 Social Media Stats to Know in 2019

Statistics do not always correlate with trends and trends do not always coincide with statistics. Trends can appear in the most random of patterns and may not appear even when the numbers and metrics indicate that they should. However, trend analysis, at least as it...

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My name is Evgeniy, I am passionate about every aspect of digital marketing. I am particularly keen on search engine marketing, especially pay-per-click and search engine optimisation. I use Temi’s blog as a platform to share my passion for search engine marketing.

I know the importance of social media marketing in the digital marketing mix, but it’s not my forte, that is why I am particularly keen to hear from guest bloggers, who love writing about social media marketing. I will also like to hear from bloggers who blog about mobile app marketing.


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