In continuing the series of the best posts during a single month,this time we take a look at November and the posts, according to my opinion, that were the best for this month.

As you may have noticed, I was not active during that period on That was because I was busy with other projects. Christmas is coming and it means that, for e-commerce sites, it is a most profitable period. I will try to be more active in December.J

Following are the best posts of November 2014 according to me:

“How To Start Making Money On Fiverr TODAY – Tutorial & Case Study” by Matthew Woodward. As you may know, Fiverr is a very popular service that offers a lot for only $5. I was quite surprised to discover that you can earn $1,600 in just 30 days.


I, personally, usefiverrquite often because it is a cheap and very effective service if you have some easy work that you do not have enough time to do by yourself. Actually, it was a post by Eze John, who offers animation video creating.

$1,600 in just one month is rather impressive, especially if one video costs only $5. I could not find a link to Eze’s gig, but I guess that he also offers some additional services, which are more expensive.


“6 Reasons Why Penguin Has Been A Great Success AND An Epic Failure” by Phil Singleton on Ahrefs blog. There are many posts about Penguin, but I think that once you are affected, you must be ready for some negative results. At the same time,if you want to avoid negative results with Penguin,there are some ways to avoid that:

  • Focus on quality content.
  • Do not try to get manual links. Focus on the natural way.
  • If you see that your SEO agency is not doing good job, change them before it is too late.
  • Penguin mostly hurts small businesses.
  • After Penguin appeared negative SEO.


“6 Ways to Diagnose a Google Penalty” by James Newhouse. There are few manual ways to check if your site was affected by Google penalty or not. Following are some tips from the author of that article:

  1. Have you made any changes to the site that could have caused a shift in traffic?
  2. Are there seasonal or industry trends that might affect Google’s perception of your industry niche?
  3. Have your competitors’ activity changed?
  4. Have there been unexpected changes in search behaviour due to economics, news, or events?
  5. Is your site being indexed correctly?
  6. Does your website provide a good user experience?


Neil Patel telling about“4 Easy & Honest SEO Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Site”.

  • Link-Leveraged Business Relationships
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Guest Blogging Niche

His article is very informative and you will want to follow the link above in order to read the original article.


Improving Your SEO for This Holiday Season by Amanda DiSilvestro. For the most niches, the Christmas and New Year period is the most profitable in the year. People are ready to spend a lot of money, and you should be ready to offer something catchy. Amanda recommends doing the following if you want to have good revenue after the holidays:

  • Publish your holiday content sooner rather than later.
  • Use a Coming Soon or Preview page for holiday deals.
  • Create a Holiday Gift Ideas section for your website.
  • Perform keyword research for holiday-specific terms.
  • Find your top landing pages and run holiday specials/ links on those pages.
  • Add your products to Amazon and eBay for the holiday season.
  • Double-check the health of your website.

That all sounds very easy for you but, at the same time, it will help your visitors to make a decision quicker. Be ready for the HOLIDAY. And, btw, we have some free spots to take 2 or 3 additional PPC clients on during Christmas period for a reduced price. Get in touch if you are interested.


Why UK Government’s website is better than yours? This post is by Christopher Ratcliff on Econsultancy blog. Chris offered some very useful tips, in my opinion, for those of you working on user experience and other things that will help to improve their site. His team created a site for UK government and if you visit it; you will see that it looks very nice. As an example, I will show you two different versions of one page – page of Bank holidays.

Here is old version:


And here is a new one:

I think you can agree with me and with Chris that new version looks much better than previous.


“How I Generated $25,000 with 249 Comments” by Neil Patel for Quicksprout. This is a very useful post for those who think that commenting on others’ sites do not bring anything valuable. In one month, Neil left 249 comments on different websites. As you know, there are many spam comments but there are also many comments that are just not useful. For example, “thanks for such informative post”, “glad that you published it” etc.

Neil added 25 such comments and, of course, they did not bring any value and generated only 82 visitors. I still think that those visitors came mostly because of Neil citing his name.

On the other hand, the remaining comments generated good traffic for his site, almost 4,000 visitors. Sounds rather impressive, doesn’t it? At the same time, one of those then turned into $25,000 client. Well done, Neil!


“46 SEO Experts Reveal their $500 Link Building / Content Marketing Secret”by CodrutT. It will be useful for those who think that it is impossible to get good links without a decent budget. Of course with such a low budget, you can’t get links from newspapers.Still, if you will follow some of the advice offered here, you can benefit, too.


Henley Wing for BuzzSumo blog created a nice roundup called 13 Experts on How To Promote Content Before Hitting Publish”. It is very interesting topic because not many people think about the promotion of their content before it is created. Keep in mind that even if you write very good content, it does not mean that people can read it if you ignore the promotion. It is important to understand what methods of promotion you will use once the post is ready.

I’m glad that Henley also asked me to participate in this roundup with my response. Have a look at what the experts think in the original post.


“The Ultimate Guide To On Page SEO – Advanced” by Jason Chesters on It is very good post that covers everything about on page SEO. Yes it is very long, more than 5,000 words, but at the same time it has many important information you must know about On Page SEO.

These were my best posts for the month of November 2014. If you think that you, too, have written a nice article and would like to be included in my list; get in touch with me by using the contact form on or my Twitter account.

P.S. I think you may also like my post for Matthew Woodward blog “Russian SEO – What You Need To Know About Ranking Your Site In Yandex”.

Thanks for reading!

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