Today, there are many features and facilities available that can be used by even those starting off to help them design web sites. These tools do not require extensive technical knowledge on the part of the person using them and that has enabled many people to independently offer their services as web designers. However, if you wish to put up a website that has to reflect your personality and vision, it is necessary on your part to go for professionals who can adapt and design websites according to specific requirements. After all, the website is the first impression that a visitor is exposed to and if that is not appealing, the business can get impacted negatively.
Web designs can be of various types ranging from the really simple to far more complex. Some sites actually guide visitors step by step and only then they are able to browse the site completely. Irrespective of the complexity of the site, certain basic factors should not be compromised as under:
a)    The site must be appealing and encourage the visitor to stay longer at the site. It is very easy for a visitor to click away and you can lose him for good if you are not careful about the appearance of the site.
b)     The site must be free of any grammatical and factual errors and any broken links must be set right immediately. No visitor likes sites that have errors which remain unrepaired or pages that take very long to load or give messages asking him to try later.
It is possible to attract traffic and retain them by observing these simple tips.

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