In previous years, developing websites was pretty straightforward. You built a site that could be viewed on all the popular search engines and that’s about it. Sure, you had some compatibility issues to worry about but nothing too major. Nowadays, however, you have to worry about mobile website design. And if you don’t spend your time developing an easy to use mobile website, you’re going to lose business. That’s a fact.

Just think about it for a minute. People are on their smartphones or tablets 24/7 nowadays. These devices can do everything so people expect to be able to view their favorite websites easily. If your site isn’t developed specifically for mobile devices, it’s going to look bad and that alone is going to drive away potential customers.

Since most people now have smart phones, you have a potential customer in every person that has such a device. Mobile website design is key in landing these customers. Just like a regular website, you can appeal to customers all over the country in the world, however, you need to have a design that’s attractive and functional. Truly, function is the most important on mobile devices because the view field is so much smaller. It can be harder to navigate on smartphones because of the small screen. This means buttons and links need to be clearly marked and easy to press. If all of your links are tiny, no one’s fingers are going to be able to click it without clicking everything around it and causing a ton of frustration.

Things like this might seem trivial but it means everything when someone is on the go and looking at your site. What if they are in a store and debating if they should get your product or not? There they are, in the store, looking at your website on their phone. If they find a site that is hard to navigate and doesn’t provide good information upfront, you’re going to lose a sale. Mobile website design is key in making a sale to people who are ready to spend their money.

The very nature of mobile devices is that they can be used outside the home. Again, if someone is looking up your website while not at home, it’s very likely that they’re about to make a purchase. Do everything in your power then to sell to them directly by making your website beautiful and functional. Good mobile website design can make this happen.


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