Making the most of technology

Making the most of technology

In the contemporary world, an internet connection is becoming increasingly more important. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that in 2013 as many as 36 million adults accessed the net on a daily basis. Even though these figures don’t take into account smartphone apps and other technological innovations, they do indicate the growing dominance tech has over our lives – both in business and at home.

There are no age barriers to technology

Recent research carried out by the Policy Exchange Think Tank and reported on the BBC actively promoted the use of the internet among older people, stating that this would cut down on feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Similarly, a post from leading retirement living firm McCarthy and Stone entitled ‘Forget OAPs, we’re IAPs! (Internet Age Pensioners) reveals survey’ highlighted how old age is no barrier to tech savvy. As much as 96% of the pensioners polled by McCarthy and Stone claimed to be savvier with tech than they were five years ago, while over half admitted to using Facebook and 41% were active on YouTube.

McCarthy and Stone’s Facebook page provides their older audience suitable resources to consult when browsing the net.

Communication is the key
In offices and at home, people are increasingly using social media to share ideas, break news or advertise services and skills. A clear and concise Facebook page is of far more use to a company than a confusing website, plus it also helps the company assess what customers think of their products.

In the home, people of all generations can embrace 21st century connectivity. 75-year-old Rodney Farmer said in a recent interview that computing has kept him connected and informed.

In an environment where companies operate on a global scale, a response from the other side of the planet can be received in seconds, rather than waiting for days for a letter to reach its destination.

Saving money online
Sharing information is important in modern life. If you want to track down some money-saving deals then go online to source cheap broadband providers, competitive energy costs, or even the very best prices for buying books and a whole host of other goods. Businesses and domestic users all take advantage of these opportunities.

Energy efficiency through technology
Technology can also be used to reduce your energy expenditure. Smart meters can assess how much fuel you are consuming and both companies and individuals can use this system to reduce their energy bills.

New apps are released on a regular basis, some are for gaming and music, but others can save people’s lives. The World Wide Web has been around since 1989 and it’s fascinating to watch the innovative development of this extraordinary technological tool.

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