Welcome to the summer edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of July 2018.

How to create the ultimate SEO report for your clients” by Marie on dashthis blog. You can create SEO report by following the tips below:

1- Determine your objectives

2- Establish the KPIs you need

3- Build and share your report


An 8-Point Checklist for Debugging Strange Technical SEO Problems” by Dominic Woodman on Moz blog.

  1. Start by picking some example pages.
  2. Can Google crawl the page once?
  3. Are we telling Google two different things?
  4. Can Google crawl the page consistently?
  5. Does Google see what I can see on a one-off basis?
  6. What is Google actually seeing?
  7. Could Google be aggregating your website across others?
  8. A roundup of some other likely suspects



Google’s New Speed Update Works On Gradual Scale; Small Improvements Matter” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table. John Mueller from Google said that new speed update will be a bit different compared to the previous one which was release in 2010.

“It’s a bit different than the other speed update that we did, in general, you know maybe like seven or eight years ago where there is no differentiating between like fast and slow.” “It’s more of a gradual scale,” he added. “So the faster you can make your pages the more we can take that into account. And it’s not so much that it’s like it’s too slow or it’s faster, ” he said.


10 Simple Tips to Write Content Better & Faster” by David Trounce on Search Engine Journal.

  1. Talk to Your Readers as If You Were Having a Conversation with Them
  2. Make Transitions from Each Sentence & Paragraph Smooth
  3. If You Are Copywriting, You’re Only as Good as the Content You Copy
  4. Learn How to Write Kick-Ass Headlines
  5. Layout Subheadings Before You Start to Write the Body
  6. Write Eye-Catching Quotes, Images & Memes
  7. Write Shorter Paragraphs & Sentences
  8. Using Voice to Text Tools Helps Make Writing Easier
  9. Write First, Then Edit
  10. Use Tools to Edit the Content


The Top 10 Features of a Successful Mobile Commerce App” by Neil Patel on Quick Sprout blog.

  1. Personalization
  2. Eliminate bugs and errors
  3. Retail integration
  4. Flash sales and discounts
  5. Detailed product descriptions
  6. Quality product images
  7. Customer service
  8. Fast and secure checkout
  9. Alternative payment options
  10. Push notifications


99 Things You Can Do with Google Tag Manager” by Julius Fed on analyticsmania. I found this article very interesting because many of the things were new for me. For example:

  • Get visitor’s screen width
  • Track popups
  • Track when an element appears on the screen
  • Track comments
  • Add a copyright notice to the copied text


7 Competitive Analysis Tools to Help Improve Your Marketing Approach” by Aleh Barysevich on socialmediatoday blog.

  1. Listen to social media with Awario
  2. Investigate where competitors’ traffic comes from with SimilarWeb
  3. Steal rivals’ backlinks with SEO SpyGlass
  4. Analyze their content strategy with BuzzSumo
  5. Detect where opponents’ ads come from with iSpionage
  6. Disclose how they built their app or site with BuiltWith
  7. Always be aware with Leadfeeder


How to Increase Sales Using Social Media” by Lisa Austin on myecomclub blog.

5 Tips to Increase Sales Using Social Media:

  • Post Often
  • Use Images
  • Learn to Pin
  • Photograph People
  • Make a Video


72 Stats To Understand SEO in 2018 (Infographic)” by Hristina Nikolovska on seotribunal.

This is very detailed infographic which contains all the information about search engines, major updated, market share percentage etc.


Google Search Algorithm Update Currently Mild” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table. Recently Google released a new algorithm called “Google Speed Update”. Most of the people in SEO community did not see any big changes yet. But there are also some people who admit sites in their niche got a nice boost after this update.

We’ve seen alot of movement in our sector. I think this will particular hit e-commerce verticals a lot more, given that some of them can be heavy with functionality, causing them to slow down. As ever, some do it a lot better than others, which is causing some shake up.


Local SEO – The Ultimate Guide for Ranking your Business in 2018” by Andrei David on his own blog. Most people think that local SEO if very difficult but if you follow a checklist prepared by Andrei you can be successful.

His article is divided into 7 chapters:

  1. Add or Claim your business on Google My Business
  2. Optimize your website for local searches
  3. Use Schema markup
  4. Get your social media profiles ready
  5. Start building links
  6. Build citations for your business
  7. Get as many reviews as possible and manage them properly


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