How can I view .htaccess file or other hidden files on my PC or a server? Is a question I often come across at the support forum of my Free PHP Directory script support forum, I though a quick and dirty tutorial like this one will not only help answer this question for users of LBS but for other who may want to learn how to view hidden files.

How to view hidden files on Windows

Viewing hidden files on Windows is very easy, I use Windows Vista so I will use Vista as and example.

Having a visual image of what you need to do helps make it easier so here is a screen shoot of an open folder in on Windows Vista.

Open a folder on your desktop, on the folder navigation menu expand the item Folder and Search Options

A new window will open, this Windows has three menu, click on View, you will see option with radio button

Do now show hidden file

Show hidden file

Folder Option

Folder Option

Select the show hidden file option, click on Okay or Apply and you are done. Next time you browse a folder that contain hidden file, you will see the hidden file.

Making .htaccess file visible in cPanel web hosting control panel

You should login to your web hosting control panel which is assumed to be cPanel. cPanel ask’s which directory you wish to access, in a box called “File Manager Directory Selector”, about 2 thirds the way down the box, there is a check box that asks “show hidden files (dot files), if you check that box, then select which directory you want, the .htaccess file will show up.