Over the years, the engagement of users has been intrinsically tied in with the number of conversions that a business can get. That’s the reason why interactive content has begun to play a bigger role in the marketing industry. Additionally, there’s a growing trend in the way that consumers are interacting with the content they see online.

Around 84% of all content has become visual and with shorter attention spans, motion graphics and digital videos are the most viable tools you can find to grasp their attention. The data even backs this up. Less than 4% of users will watch an advertisement or a video past the first 2 seconds. Similarly, only 9% of audiences watch something for more than 1 second.

With only seconds to captivate your target audience, you do need to make sure that you are standing out of the crowd with the help of the right tools.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Affectionately known as the Rich Man’s GIF, motion graphics are GIFs which are more coherent and relevant to the ad process. Think explainer video, but shorter than 2 minutes. They can be extremely versatile, ranging from just text-based motion graphics to bigger animations. The biggest plus point here is that you can find plenty of animation studios who can make motion graphics for your business easily.

Over the past year, motion graphics are also growing and becoming more popular for business marketing purposes. You will find that even if you are working with a creative digital agency in London, they will recommend that this is one medium that you do not ignore.

How Do They Help?

Based on the kind of motion graphics and digital videos you are using, you can end up making an impact on your viewers. Based on the message, the product or the voice of the video and motion graphic, you can end up influencing your consumers and your viewers in the following manner:

  • Educational – You’ll teach the viewer something new about your product. Often this is a major step that helps to make them want to buy a product. Educating the target market with the help of these motion graphics can play a bigger role in improving product favourability.
  • Interesting – Drumming up interest in your product is easier said than done. With motion graphics and digital videos, you get to do this in a simple and easy manner. Additionally, if your consumers enjoy the advertisement, they are more likely to not only make a purchase but also turn to the business again.
  • Emotional – Your viewers can be emotional about the content being shown. This doesn’t mean that you make content that only touches their heart. An emotional response means that you are able to make your viewers laugh, happy, puzzled or just curious. Any of these emotions will create an action that can improve the chances of conversion.

A good motion graphic is one that creates all these actions and responses. This, in turn, drives up conversion rates and makes a lasting connection with your target audience. It’s a good idea to have a digital design agency on-board with your work so that you can get quality content for your motion graphics and digital videos.

How to Have the Best Motion Graphics and Digital Videos?

Despite the fact that this medium is being used by 75% of all businesses, it can still be tricky to apply motion graphics properly. In this case, you need to apply the following in order to get more conversions:

  • Pick the Right Format – Make sure that you are using the correct format for your motion graphics, which will add more value to it. These are usually in the following three major formats:
    • Explainer – Some businesses like to make explainer videos with motion graphics. These are focused on explaining the usability and purpose of the product.
    • Promotional – You can’t make a full-scale advertisement video for small offerings like discounts or a competition, but motion graphics can be perfect for such promotions. Their shareability also makes them perfect for use on social media platforms.
    • Emotive – This is an emotion-based motion graphic, which is specially built to draw out an emotional or motivational response from the viewer.
  • Manage the Ideation – Always make sure that your motion graphic or digital video always has one idea and one storyline to play out. This prevents any ambiguity in the message and also makes it clearer and straight to the point. This quality will play a bigger role in ensuring that your graphic or video gets a better response from the viewer.
  • Easy Distribution – From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and even Instagram, make sure that your motion graphics are in formats which are acceptable by a large number of social media platforms. The shareability of these graphics can have an impact on the overall outreach and the conversions you are able to get with it.
  • Don’t Forget about the Buyers – Always make sure that all your digital videos and motion graphics have a clear call to action at the end. Sure, you want to get a message across, but your buyers are watching the video because they are interested in the product. Without a clear call to action, you’re leaving them hanging and many will not make the effort to find the details on their own. Whether it is a link, a phone number or an email address, make sure it is included in the motion graphics.

A simpler way to work with motion graphics is to work with the best animation studios in London. They’re skilled enough to create great graphics and digital videos in different formats and can also create characters or designs from scratch, which can give your motion graphics a distinct voice or style.


Author Bio:

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour, a creative design agency in London. Specialising in corporate branding, logo design & creating motion graphics. Richard loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on the latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.

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