Welcome to the summer edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of August 2018.


7 Powerful Link Building Strategies for SEO (2019 Updated)” by Rintu Biswas on digitalseoland blog.

  1. Step# 1: Select An Evergreen Keyword or Topic
  2. Step# 2: Turn your evergreen topic into an evergreen content
  3. Step# 3: Steal Your Competitors Quality Backlinks
  4. Step# 4: Link Roundup (A SUPER Easy Link Building Strategy)
  5. Step# 5: Resource page link building
  6. Step# 6: Broken Link Building Strategy
  7. Step# 7: Guest Posting: Build Backlinks to Your Amazing Content



Google Search Algorithm August 1st Update Rolling Out Now – Core Broad Update” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table.

Many SEO gurus confirmed that on August 1st  Google rolled our a big update. Some people noticed a big loss of traffic.

Huge drop in ranking in the past 24 hours, wow! Its not a speed issue, site loads on average less than 3 seconds. Is anyone else noticing a drop in ranking? Biggest drop I had for more than a year.

My site’s traffic is down from 50k to 35k in last 24 hours with majors changes across all positions. Frop #1 to god knows where.

My last site (controlled by seo company, not me) was killed post march update, went from generating 80k revenue per month to peanuts. After this non sense drop in last 24 hours, I am done.

My competitors are using pop ups, pop unders, ads on click and other garbage while I have zero adsense ads, zero annoying ads or anything.


Rewriting the Beginner’s Guide to SEO, Chapter 3: Keyword Research” by Britney Muller on Moz blog. Britney recommends this checklist:

  • Understand what your audience wants to find.
  • What terms are people searching for?
  • How often are those terms searched?
  • Getting strategic with search volume
  • Which format best suits the searcher’s intent?
  • Tools for determining the value of a keyword


14 Mobile Trends That Are Dominating 2018” by Neil Patel on Quick Sprout blog.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  2. Location-based technology
  3. Augmented reality
  4. Syncing wearable technology with mobile devices
  5. Revenue from mobile applications
  6. Mobile devices syncing with homes
  7. Enhanced mobile security
  8. Small business mobile apps
  9. Increased mobile payments
  10. Transportation apps
  11. Virtual reality
  12. Hybrid apps
  13. Personal mobile devices in the workplace
  14. Biometrics advancements


Google Lets Advertisers Add a Third Headline to Text Ads” by Matt Southern on Search Engine Journal. One additional line advertisers can add to Google ads:

“To get started, try adding a third headline and a second description to your existing text ads. For example, if you’re a retailer using two headlines that show your brand name and official site, you can add a third headline showing shipping details or special offers.”


50 of the Best Social Media Tools Selected by Top Marketers” by Aaron Orendorff on content marketing institute bog.

Top 10:

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Buffer
  4. BuzzSumo
  5. Animoto
  6. Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer
  7. Tweeps Map
  8. Sumo
  9. Planoly
  10. Elevate


20 Google Analytics Alternatives for 2018” by EJ Brown on leadfeeder blog. I’m sure most people thing Google Analytics is the best free tool but some useful features could be found in the following alternatives:

  1. Leadfeeder
  2. Kissmetrics
  3. Woopra
  4. GoSquared
  5. FoxMetrics
  6. Mixpanel
  7. Heap
  8. Statcounter
  9. Clicky
  10. Matomo
  11. Serpstat
  12. SE Ranking
  13. SEMrush
  14. Ahrefs
  15. Mention
  16. Chartbeat
  17. HubSpot
  18. Optimizely
  19. Marketo
  20. Adobe Analytics


Let’s Make Money: 8 Ways To Turn Social Media Traffic Into Sales” by Anna Bredava on martech blog.

  1. Analyze Your Sales Process
  2. Monitor and Encourage Social Media Reviews
  3. Take up Social Selling
  4. Optimize your Social Media Path to Conversion
  5. Revise Your Social Media Landing Page
  6. Do Soft Conversion
  7. Include a Strong Call-To-Action
  8. Offer Social Exclusives


17 Practical Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment (Step-By-Step)” by Jon MacDonald on thegood blog.

I will list here only the first 5 and rest 12 you can find by following the link above:

  1. Highlight your shipping terms (even if you don’t ship free) to remove anxiety and make more sales. For example on this site: https://signmission.com/collections/banners you can see that each item is listed very nice. It has a title, image and price.
  2. Make sure every page on your site loads in a hurry to keep your bounce rate low and avoid irritating potential customers
  3. Make your return policy prominent and matter-of-fact to reduce fear and build trust
  4. Give them a reason to buy here and now to short-circuit the price shoppers and get a commitment
  5. Drive home the benefits of shopping with you and they will lose their desire to look elsewhere



5 Trust Signals to Boost Conversions for Your eCommerce Business” by Anthony Capetola on rewind blog.

  1. Install SSL certification
  2. Set up legal pages on your site
  3. Reviews and testimonials
  4. Offer the ability to reach out to you
  5. Engaging content


The marketing automation knowledge you need to succeed—all in one place” by Josh Lauer on Drip blog. This is very detailed post which is divided into the 5 chapters:

  • What is marketing automation
  • What is marketing automation used for?
  • Marketing automation software
  • Marketing automation examples & workflows
  • The future of marketing automation


e-Commerce SEO Case Study: $0 to $900,000 in 3 Years” by Brian Schofield trailblaze marketing blog. Brian did fantastic job. This is very detailed case study showing how he was able to make huge money within just 3 years.

Part I: Creating a Strong Foundation
Part II: Expanding Margins, Scaling Performance, and Growing
Part III: Conclusion


Google August 2018 Algorithm Affects YMYL, Health and Wellness Sites” by Jafar Sadhik on stanventures blog. August was very busy for health and welness sites because Google rolled out an update which affected many sites from those niches.


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