Fathers deserve more praise and appreciation than they get especially when we consider the amount of time and effort we put into the celebration of our mothers. Though our mums are awesome and deserve every bit of gratitude we show them, our dads are just as important and there is something about them that is just so special. We  just can’t ignore that energy and balance they bring to our lives. They work hard for us, to ensure that we have a good life and we owe it to them to show appreciation for their love and concern. 

You ever noticed we start seeing adverts for Mother’s Day months beforehand but same can not be said for Father’s Day? Well, maybe you never had but I had and that was what inspired me to write this article about the creative gift-giving ideas for Father’s Day, thirteen of them. It is also important that I add that that man doesn’t necessarily have to be your biological father — we all don’t always get to have a dad in a conventional way — this man could be someone that has been important to you growing up: teacher, mentor, uncle or a family friend, elderly friend and so on. 

Below are the 13 creative gift-giving ideas to celebrate and put a smile on your adorable dad’s face on Sunday 20th of June, especially if your dad is a typical UK dad. 


1. Personalized Father’s Day eCard

With a Father’s Day eCard, you can express your gratitude and appreciation to your dad for his support and all the invaluable life lessons he taught you. You can send this greeting ecard to your dad on Father’s Day on this UK ecard website by simply choose from the collection of Father’s ecard on the website, fill in your dad email address, add an optional personalised message or wishes and make a donation to water charity, then the Father’s Day greeting ecard will be sent to your dad. It is that easy, fast and efficient! This is certainly one of the most creative gift-giving ideas to light up your dad’s day on Father’s Day and he will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity. 


2. Mini Massage Cushion

There is nothing better than a soothing massage after a long workout or hard day’s work. This  nifty mini massage cushion will do the job for your  dad and it will be a wonderful  present for him on Father’s Day. This mini massage is also good for those that suffer with bad muscle pains as the optional heat mode of the massage cushion is sure to soothe aching limbs. It is ideal for use with arms, backs and legs. Some other features of the product are : it measures about 30x14x8cm which makes it suitable for use on the go, it comes with a main adaptor plug, and it has an elastic strap to fix it to a chair.



3. Superhero Name Frame

If your dad is a superhero fan and you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and creative to present to him on Father’s Day, then this personalized superhero name frame is a perfect choice.  The personalised superhero name frame comes with a choice of 5 minifigures from the list of these superheroes: Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron man, Spider-man,Wolverine, Thor, and the Hawkeye. This personalized superhero name frame can be hung on the wall, placed on a table, desk, shelf etc. 


4. Skeleton Pocket Watch & Chain

Another awesome gift you can give your dad for Father’s Day is this personalised mechanical skeleton pocket watch. Some of the features of this beautiful and fully functional skeleton watch is a classic numerals dial, a twin-hinged which shows its seventeen-jewel mechanical movement from both front and back, fob chain, hand cast pewter case, and it’s gift boxed.


5. Silver Bull & Bear Cufflinks

Silver Bull & Bear Cufflink is one of the ideal presents for your dad if he is  working in finance. On the cufflinks, there is no space to engrave, however, you can personalise this present by  attaching  an engraved silver plaque to the lid of the presentation box.


6. Beard Buddy

Beard Buddy is a great idea, a perfect gift for that man that always leaves his beard fuzz all over the sink. This Beard Buddy is a life saver. The Apron is a high-quality hair catcher and it will save you or your dad enough time that can be put into a more productive use rather than wasting it on removing unwanted hair from the sink after every shave. This is a fantastic gift to give that wonderful dad for Father’s Day.


7. Personalized Best Dad Tape Measure

Personalized Best Dad Tape Measure is a great gift for Father’s Day, it is a gift that that handy man in the house  can use to fix many things. Something he will be so pleased to have. The Tape Measure can be customized with the recipient’s name and you can add a short line message of your choice. 


8. Personalized Champagne with Chocolate

Make your dad extra happy with this gift of pure luxury. A Personalized Champagne with Chocolate is a premium gift for Father’s day.  A delicious treat of 16 hand made chocolate truffles presented in a bottle of champagne can not but make his day. The bottle  can be customized with the name of the recipient written across the centre and you can include your Father’s Day’s wishes for  your dad. 


9. English Garden Gin Lover Hamper

If your dad is a gin lover, The English Garden Gin Lover Hamper is an awesome gift  for  Father’s Day. This Foxdenton Gin Liqueur comes with a beautiful labelling and it’s exquisite taste has a note of lemon verbena, elderflower and thyme.


10. Personalized Wireless Charger 

Another great gift you can give your dad for Father’s Day or birthday is this Wireless Charger. You can add your own message to make the gift unique and the product is compatible with any phone that has wireless charging function. The transmitting power is 5W -10W and 73% charging efficiency.


11. Woven Cotton Union Jack iPad Bag

Vintage Union Jack iPad bag is a very cool gift to give your dad, whether for a birthday or Father’s  Day. It is handmade from woven cotton, a real work of art with stylish red, white and blue fabrics.


12. Football Fan Personalised Retro Sweet Jar

This is a fantastic gift for a football fan. The sweets have a football theme and the jar can be  personalized with the recipient’s name and is a gift to sweeten your dad’s day as he washes football matches with these football shirt drumsticks and fever candy melting on his tongue.


13. Men’s Shorts

These classic cargo shorts would be a timeless addition to your dad’s wardrobe. A great gift for a hardworking father that loves to dress casual. The added-stretch fabric ensures they are flexible to wear and that big guy would like to have or two of these collections of  laid-back denim pairs and brushback jersey shorts.