You’ve been dabbling in the eCommerce world for a few years now. Maybe you’ve even opened up a site on a platform like Etsy or Shopify. Maybe you’ve had enough success online that you’re looking into other platforms that can grow your business and keep up with the ever-increasing demands on your customers. 

Shopify Plus is one of the best ways to expand your eCommerce shop online. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, discover the twelve reasons Shopify Plus is great for your eCommerce store. 

1. Shopify Isn’t Going Anywhere

In terms of the future, Shopify is in it for the long haul. While they started in 2012 with only 42,000 merchants, the company grew to over 300,000 merchants in only four years. Today, they have over 1 million users selling their products across the globe—and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

While you can’t predict the future, hosting your eCommerce shop on Shopify or Shopify Plus is as safe of a bet as you can get. 


2. Shopify Plus Empowers You To Scale

Businesses migrate to Shopify Plus because they’ve grown too large for the standard Shopify platform. Shopify knows this, and so it sets its Shopify Plus users up for success by giving them all the tools and integrations they need to continually scale as the company grows larger and larger. 

Businesses that host on Shopify Plus have access to unlimited bandwidth and as much as 200TB of storage. 


3. Improved Functionality

Shopify is known for its functionality and easy-to-use features within its standard platform. But believe it or not, Shopify Plus users get even more functionality features like products, orders, customer records, and apps right on their dashboard. 

It makes it easier than ever to manage your online shop or boutique from a single place. And because there are no barriers for processing orders or tracking new customers, running your store becomes a breeze.


4. More Customization Options

Perhaps the most important or enticing feature of Shopify Plus is its seemingly unlimited ability for customization and personalization. While some of that requires the help and knowledge of a developer, there are just as many easy-to-use tools to help you customize your website to better align with your brand. 

Beyond that, you can even customize how the site looks for certain customers based on their regularity, location, and cart value. 


5. More Discount Options 

Within those customization features lies the opportunity to create unique promotions and discounts. With Shopify Plus, merchants can create discounts for specific product categories and even specific events. Here are a couple of examples: 

  • BOGO discounts for specific products
  • Percentage-based discounts based on customer’s cart value
  • Discount pricing for VIP customers
  • Free shipping at specific cart value

There are so many options and opportunities to create discounts that your customers will love without ever having to send out a promo code. 


6. Streamlined Product Launches 

We don’t have to remind you how headache-producing product launches can be. Shopify Plus merchants are able to use the Launchpad Tool to make the process a little easier by scheduling out specific changes and tasks to happen automatically. 

You can schedule everything from the visibility of a product (including its price and inventory) to locking down your store’s accessibility to build up anticipation for the launch. Using Launchpad can reduce human error and help you avoid the occasional hiccups that come from launching a new product all by yourself. 


7. Dedicated Attention From Customer Service 

Being in the eCommerce industry, you know how important customer service is to your business. So you’ll appreciate the Dedicated Success Manager that comes with Shopify Plus. 

Dedicated Success Managers not only provide 24/7 support and priority attention, but they also have expertise to help you through things like marketing strategies, international expansions, ux strategies for ecommerce platforms, and even design modifications. 


8. Exclusive Access To Apps And Integrations

The Shopify App store offers exclusive apps to Shopify Plus merchants as well integrations for other platforms your business might be using. With over 1,500 apps to work with, you can find one to help with everything from customer service to wholesale orders to inventory control and more. 


9. Better Conversions

With Shopify Pay, customers can save their payment information as well as their shipping address to make checking out of your eCommerce store even easier. This reduces the friction that usually accompanies the checkout process and will help you improve conversion rates with your customers. 

Shopify Pay allows customers to use the following to pay for products: 

  • Amazon Payments
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Google Pay

10. Functionality For Wholesale/B2B

Shopify Plus users also have access to the platform’s wholesale functionality. This is huge because typically, in the past, wholesale had to be moved on a completely separate platform in order to function. This resulted in merchants paying additional fees and managing an extra set of upkeep from running multiple sites. 

Now, it’s available directly within your Shopify platform, so you can combine your efforts and reach more customers than ever before.  


11. Automated Workflows

Running an eCommerce business takes up a lot of time, but Shopify Plus’ Shopify Flow helps streamline some of your efforts with time-saving automations. You can now create workflows for processes like: 

  • Inventory
  • Order Management
  • Customer Care 
  • Flash Sales
  • Product Organization 
  • Wishlist items
  • High-Risk Orders 

With this new intuitive tool, you can put multiple aspects of your business on autopilot, so you can focus on growing your brand and reaching new customers. 


12. Going Global

And finally, Shopify Plus is a great idea for your eCommerce business if going global is in your future. Not only does the platform allow you to run up to nine additional stores at no extra cost (and on subdomains), but it also makes it easy to set up these stores to be customized for language, location, seasonal trends, and currencies. 


Shopify: The Best Way to Expand Your eCommerce Business

Shopify’s intuitive platform, robust integrations, and global positioning as an eCommerce leader is unparalleled.

Ultimately, utilizing Shopify allows you to expand your business to an international level in a simple and sophisticated way. 



Author Bio: Sean Richards


Sean Richards is the VP of Strategy & Partnerships for Vincit. Prior to Vincit, Richards provided business development, digital marketing strategy and partnership development at several reputable companies and marketing agencies in both California and Arizona. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Management from Arizona State University.