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Google Business Listings

Google Business Listings

For quite a while the holy grail of search engine optimistion was to have generic keywords associated with your site product or brand listed on the first page of Google result pages, this is still a desirable position for a keyword associate with your site to be, but there are many other ways to get into page one on Google with far less efforts and possible a better traffic that converts to sale than the old method of targeting generic keywords, this two ways are via Google Base and Google Local Business Listing and Google Maps. This articles focuses on the latter.

Case for getting listed in Google Local Business Listing & Google Maps

Hereford and Borders Canoes

Hereford and Borders Canoes

Local business listing is invaluable to businesses that targets a particular locality or only cover a certain area such as restaurants, plumbers, mechanics etc. You business is listed on Google SERPs higher than organic search result giving you a improved click through potential free if charge. Local Business Listing is more detailed than regular organic listing, and the map location that indicated where you business is draws attention to it more than the dull PPC and organic listing that follows.

Take example of someone looking to hire or buy canoes or Kayaks in Herefordshire are, you type┬áthe following keywords into Google “canoes and kayaks herefordshire” the first listing on Google result page is HB Canoes and Kayaks. The Google Map/Local Business Listing for this keyword is above the organic listing, it gives the following details about the business:
Business Name
Business Address
Business URL
Telephone Number
Website URL
Telephone Number
A Market on Google Map to show where Orcop, the business location is.

With this much information right on the first page of a search result, who will not click on the HB Canoes and Kayaks listing?
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