Google Will Show Few Examples of Unnatural Links in Manual Penalty Messages


Yesterday Matt Cutts confirmed that Google has added the ability to show few examples of unnatural links in their manual penalty messages. I guess a lot of webmasters received messages from Google telling that search engine has found links pointing to their sites that violate Google guidelines. But only few know what links must be removed and what links are actually good. That is why website owners who want to recover their sites faster, try to remove many backlinks that are very good.

Few months ago Matt Cutts said that Google is working to bring the ability to show some examples of such links and now the ability has been rolled out.

Matt also says that Google will show only few examples in their manual webspam messages because:

  1. It might help to spammers who want to recover their spam site that is not valuable for users.
  2. If there are many unnatural links, it may be difficult for Google bot to process all the links and send them all to webmaster.

Anyway I think this new is very important for such webmasters like me. I have few sites that have been manually punished by Google. Now I’m working on one of them to get recovered and have sent 2 reconsideration request but still the site is not recovered. To be honest I have removed many links that I think looks unnatural and also big part of them have been added into disavow file. Hope to see my site recovered soon :)

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