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A taste of Herefordshire

Posted by on Nov 15, 2008 in Website Reviews | Comments Off on A taste of Herefordshire

Herefordshire is the most rural county in the whole of England, that make Herefordshire one of the most beautiful places in England and indeed the whole of United Kingdom. Herefordshire has beautiful landscapes made even more picturesque by rivers and valleys, this make the tranquil landscape a holiday destination for those looking to escape the hectic pace of city life. One of the handy tools first time visitors will find useful when planning to visit Herefordshire or even after arriving in Herefordshire it a portal called A taste of Herefordshire. The portal brings information about places to stay, where to go for a good night out, the sights to see and for those who love walking the beautiful trekking routes found all over the entire county. A taste of Herefordshire uses web 2.0, a format that allows users to exchange information, share ideas and knowledge about places they have been so that new visitors to the place knows what to expect. If you plan to visit Herefordshire, the best place to start planning your journey is at the Herefordshire portal; A taste of...

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Velnet Designs

Posted by on Oct 27, 2008 in Webmaster Resources, Website Reviews | Comments Off on Velnet Designs

Velnet Designs Most good web designers are brilliant at designing new website, they are even better when it comes to giving advise to website owner when reviewing sites created by other web designers, but when their own website is put under the spotlight, the proverb “physician heal thyself” comes to mind. “physician heal thyself”  was the prescription when the website of a team of web designers called Velnet Designs was reviewed. Velnet Designs website was put under microscope to see what aspect of it is good and what aspect can be improved.  The website colour scheme is excellent, the overwhelming colour used on the site is blue, with a hint of red in the site logo and a dash of red here and there. The site has two navigation menu, a horizontal navigation menu takes you to the top level contents such as web deign, logo design portfolio, enquiry form, contact form and about us for. The horizontal navigation take visitors to deep sections of the site. The two navigation menu works pretty well to make the site very easy to navigate. The most important contents were laid in columns on the homepage, with deep links that take you to detailed page for each product, this works very well on the site, withing two clicks of the mouse you arrive at any of the important pages on the site. At the bottom of Velnet Designs, a site map contain links to all the pages on this site, this provide a secondary navigation which strictly speaking is not  necessary giving how well the two principal navigation menu on the site works. Despite the aforementioned plus, there are areas the site can improve, starting with the site map, it was not well created, it can be improved with a brief description of what to find on the page a link points to.  Velnet Design lacks a search facility, though the site is not that large, however a search facility will be an additional was to find information quickly on the website.  The free web design quote page which is the principal enquiry page for all their product could be improve to make requesting information from Velnet Design easier. The site also does not have and easy way of bookmarking nor does it use any of the social bookmarking tools that could potentially help to make the site popular in social bookmarking...

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Moderneon Lighting Design Usability Review

Posted by on Jul 16, 2008 in Website Reviews | 0 comments

One of the most striking thing you notice when visiting a shopping mall, a services station or restaurant is how lighting is used to create desired atmosphere to match the theme or effect the establishment is trying to create. As a casual visitor, such subtle lighting is usually lost on us, however lots of careful planning has gone into selection of bulbs and other lighting accessories to create the effect you experienced. Moderneon one of the few specialist, whose core business is to install lighting at major establishment ranging from restaurant chain like Weatherspoons, shopping centres to petrol station. Established nearly sixty years ago, based in London, Moderneon provide custom made signage, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of handmade neon and cold cathode lamps which are made from a wide range of Tri-phosphors colour coatings. Modereon are committed to ensuring environmental impact of lighting are minimised so they use voltage to provide an energy saving alternative to traditional lighting...

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Web 2.0 – Directory and the story so far

Posted by on Aug 11, 2007 in Website Reviews | 0 comments

Web 2.0, the so called user generated contents has gained significant grounds in the Internet community in recent time with the help of Web 2.0 evangelists like Tim O’Reiley. Despite this wide acceptance within some segment of the Internet community, a lot still needs to be done to turn it to a IETF accepted internet standards but O’Reiley and other are putting in a lot of work to get Web 2.0 to this level through paper presentation and other activities. In a boost to Web 2.0 acceptance, the popular website rating services, Nielsen Ratings change the principal metric for accessing how popular a website is from page view to minutes spent online, Web 2.0 was cited as the reason for this change. At the grass roots level, webmasters and application developers are creating Web 2.0 application and Web 2.0 aware applications. Giving the fact that there are now thousands of Web 2.0 application online, its natural that a Web 2.0 directory , cataloguing such sites exist to make finding Web 2.0 resources easy, there are quite a few such directories, the article focuses on one such directory called FUCC.  FUCC is one of the very few Web 2.0 review directory. Though it’s a directory, but it as its review platform, sifting trough Web 2.0 sites, discussion forums, application and resources to catalogue and review the best of the. In addition to the primary target of FUCC, it also provide review exchange and other Webmaster and blogs related resources, this service makes FUCC an excellent review directory...

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Sigsell – Making the most of forum signature

Posted by on Jul 26, 2007 in Website Reviews | 0 comments

Building a solid amount of traffic these day’s isn’t easy and as we all know it can become very costly to website owners. Finding the cheapest way to get the most reach to a target market is always every website owners dream. We all know of multiple ways to advertise a website if you have the appropriate budget but what happens to the smaller sites when the budget isn’t there and they cannot afford to advertise with these big name company’s? They get lost and most of the times end up giving up or just not making it at all due to little or no traffic. Sigsell help small to medium, advertisers with this problem introducing a new and fun way to get your website to your target market and at an affordable price. www. sigsell .com is dedicated to allowing users of any forums to sell their signatures if permitted by the forum administrators of the specific forum where the signature is available for Auction.  sigsell is all done in an auction environment so you have full control over what you can spend or what you’re willing to spend. Selling Forum Signatures is starting to revolutionize the marketing and advertising industry allowing small to medium websites to possibly get the same reach as large websites at a reduction of the cost. Feel free to give it a try yourself; what’s the worst that can happen? You never know you just might get a really decent deal right considering the site is new and the competition for bidding is currently low. Don’t ever count your website short if you have no visitors, it’s only because no one know you’re there and this is a cheap and easy way to market your website and increase...

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Global Forum Network – GFN

Posted by on May 6, 2007 in Website Reviews | 0 comments

A bold new network of discussion forums, aptly name Global Forum Network is quietly growing and contributing to online interaction experience of its members, whist creating new innovative concept such as forums awards, to recognise the contribution of other forums are making to the over all online experience of forum users. Though, originally a network of forums, Global Forum Network has expanded into other aspects of Internet business, not too far from its core business base. They have recently added services such as web hosting and domain name registration to the network via their new websites, Golden Hosting and Golden Domains. All the forums in Global Forum Network are worth a visit, even if you are not necessarily interested the topics being discussed, you are bound to find information or resources that will enhance your knowledge of the Internet in general. The URL and brief information about the sites in Global Forum Network follows: Global Forum Network The principal site in the network Private HYIPs HYIP Community focusing specifically on Private HYIPs Talk Thailand Community Forum Thailand’s Online Community. Current affairs, cross fire debates and polls, business talk, sports talk, entertainment. Aussie Talk Community Forum Australia’s Online Community.Europe Discussion Community Forum Europe’s Online Community. International Forum Awards (IFA) Nominate your favourite forum or forum personality for a prestigious IFA Golden Hosting Golden Hosting provides the digital gold community hosting services. Golden Domains Golden Domains provides the online gold community with domain registration services. Discuss this post at webmaster forums ::  subscribe to webmaster forum RSS...

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