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Web Directory List As A Link Building Tool

Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Web Directories | 0 comments

Running a successful search engine optimisation campaign has its own challenges and link building is one of them. If you conduct a good quality link building campaign, you will first earn the benefit of being quickly listed by the most important search engines and, on long term, you will be taking advantage from the incoming links that your website continues to obtain. Directory submissions represent one of the easiest and handiest linking forms that one may try, particularly as there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of such directories, either free or paid, which you can choose in order to post a link towards your own website. From a distance, the main reason why you should rely your website promotion and optimisation on directory submissions is represented by the fact that incoming links for a website are one of the major ranking factors that the most important search engines use in their ranking algorithms, particularly with regards to competitive and demanding keyword markets. Your website’s presence on web directories will increase the odds for search engine robots to visit it while crawling the Internet. As a consequence, its visibility will increase and important search engines will start listing your site. Furthermore, directory submissions can inflate your website’s link count to mislead competitors by not showing them what links increase your PR. Link building effectiveness however is determined by both the number and the relevant content of the exchanged links. The more connections with websites approaching the same topics you have, the more likely it would be to achieve a higher page rank. Although spotting the differences between a low and a high quality web directory can sometimes be a tricky task, there are some basic factors that qualify a web directory as good: Ranking in SERPs – being present among the first search results on the most important search engines; High quality ratio – accepting new subscribers upon the quality provided and not an acceptance fee, having a well organised content by categories and posting solely unique content; High link quality – not selling outbound site wide links, which belong to poor spamming sites and have little or no value at all for your website; Up to date links – listing as little URLs purchased by domainers or spammers or broken links as possible; on this chapter local directories should not be underestimated or avoided as they can provide significant traffic, hyper targeted. The only problem that can interfere with using directory submissions is related to spam attempts. Trying to automatically submit on thousands of web directories with special software or subscribing to directories practising farm linking – link exchanges between all members – can be easily detected by search engines. As a consequence, your website will be either banned or receive increasingly less traffic. The above presented information does not include “hard and fast” guiding lines, but mostly traits that can make the difference between low and high quality directories. Using link directories in a responsible manner can bring important benefits in terms of online search engine optimisation. If you have a website that you are trying to promote the right way, not just on the UK online market, and without risking to be banned by Google or other engines, invest time in finding trustworthy submission directories. UK Web Directory List for example is one option that can provide good quality link building so feel free to convince yourself by trying...

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Jimac UK Web Directory – low cost traffic source

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Web Directories | 0 comments

Jimac UK Web Direcory Without a doubt, search engines are the number one source of traffic for any business online, social media such as Facebook are the second and web directories such as UK web directory Jimac come a poor third, in the not to distant past, web directories play a significant part in traffic generation for small websites, that is still the case but in a much reduced scale. However if you compare the cost of acquiring traffic from a web directory with the cost of acquisition from a search engine PPC or a social media, the cost of acquiring traffic from web directory is almost negligible, that is why web directories should be used as part of any websites marketing mix. When continuing with the argument why web directories should be used as a major part of your marketing mix, you will find out that adding your site to a web directory is extremely much easier than setting up say a Google AdWords account or a Microsoft Bing PPC campaign using Microsoft AdCentre, with web directories, you just go to the submission page and suggest your site for listing. In the case of the particular directory used on Jimac, you need to drill down to the sub category you are looking to suggest you site to, say your site is a dating site, you need to go to relationships and dating, click on the suggest your site link and you are almost done. Though Jimac is primarily targeted at UK businesses, there is hope for sites from other countries, the regional listing section allow websites from other countries to be suggested. Why not add Jimac to one of the sites you use to drive traffic to you website...

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UK Web Directory Submission – Low cost way to drive traffic to your site

Posted by on May 26, 2010 in Web Directories | 0 comments

Drive traffic to your site with UK web directories Getting website to your site using organic search engine ranking is becoming increasingly difficult, even if you are ranked number 1 on page 1 of any of the major search engines, getting clicks from your natural ranking is very difficult. On Google search engine result pages there are three sponsored link before organic results are displayed and sponsored links from to to bottom of the right hand side of result pages. Microsoft’s Bing even goes a step further than Google when it comes to displaying sponsored links on search result pages, it displayed 4 sponsored link at the top of result pages for some keywords, reducing your changes of getting clicks even if you are number 1 for that keyword in organic SERPS. UK Web Directories for Low Cost Clicks Given that it is so tight and competitive to get traffic from natural organic search engine result, PPC which tend to cost and arm and a leg is the only alternative, one other source of traffic is web directories. For some reason most webmasters do not explore the possibilities of generating traffic from web directories, perhaps because it is time consuming and unlike traffic from search engines, it does not come in large quantities but when compared with traffic from PPC, the cost is negligible. If you have the time and resources, it may be worth investing in getting your site listed on most of the high quality UK web directories. There isn’t that many of them there so if you choose about ten and submit your site the traffic you will get will certainly pay for itself, beside, it give you advantage over your competitors as most webmasters do not use web directories this days. Some UK web directories The list below give a brief description and link to some of UK leading online web directories. * Ozami Web Directory Ozami web directory is a hand coded directory, by this it means that listing is added to HTML pages using good old fashion hard coding. Listing in Ozami cost a one-off fee. Ozami is hosted in the UK so despite its .com domain extension its a UK web directory. * FX1 Directory FX1 is one of the oldest directories in the UK. There is nothing special about it, it is just a plain old directory, listing in FX1.coo.uk cost £20 for a year. Other UK web directories includes: ABR Directory This Is UK Business Haabaa Web Directory Wura Web Directory ThisIsUKBusiness Directory.velnetsearch You can discuss web directory related issue at the directory section of webmaster serve. You can find more information about manual UK directory submission...

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Ethical Directory – The Green Directory?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2009 in Web Directories | 0 comments

Only a few years ago, organic food was a rarity, relegated to farmer’s markets and niche green grocers. But now you can find at least a small selection of organic products at most supermarket and even corner shop. Organic product has also broken the financial barriers or £2 Billion sales per year, which is one of the measures of the transformation of a product from niche to mainstream. As more and more people buy and demand organic product, the industries associate with it grows, out of the support industry for organic products and services emerged Ethical Directory, a website directory dedicated to listing organic and other ethically produced food and services. Ethical Directory is arrange in an easy to browse category, which products and services arrange by a top category and various sub categories of product or services associate with the main category being listed under it, for example, on Eco Motoring category, Ethical Directory has sub categories such as LPG fuelling station, LPG conversion and other services associated with eco motoring. For those who prefer searching to browsing, a regular search form sites right at the top of the directory making searching for information just a matter of entering the work or phrase you are looking for, should the regular search not turn up what you want, you can always use the more powerful advance search form. For users within to add their website, the starting point is Ethical Directories site submission form which boast of three submission option including the free option created to accept and list websites from non profit making organisations. Ethical Directory, which styles itself at the green directory also contain other interesting section like the ethical blog where issues of the day are discussed with readers invited to interact via Twitter or the blog to share their opinion. The green news section contains many news items of the day pulled from green news media. Ethical Directory is a fascinating site you may want to visit, if not for the quality green websites listed in it then for the information blogs and news. The icing on the cake at Ethical Directory is the newly created Ethical Jobs section, which allows green and environment related jobs to be posted free of...

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Designing a website, pay attention to the basics

Posted by on Apr 12, 2009 in Web Directories | 0 comments

One of the biggest mistakes novice web designers make when designing a new website is often the basics. They tends to go though getting the difficult aspects of web design done but usually fall flat on their face when their design is analysed for the basics web design which even a novice should know. A case in point is the forum called Rock Forums, though as a forum the design is more complex because the design was integrated into vBulletin software, the script that powers the website, however it fails one of the most basic rules of web design which is to test the final design in all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari). Using Internet Explorer to browse The Rock Forum was fine but a visit to the site with Firefox see most of the important elements of the site including the logo fall flat on their faces.  A reference  guide novice web design should bear in mind when designing a website includes: * Navigation * Use of hyperlinks (general internal link structure). * Important contents displayed prominently. * Forms and contact pages. * Speed of website * Optimise graphics to improved SEO ranking, navigation for visually impaired and look and fell. * Search capabilities * Basic design concepts * Site consistencies * Standardisation and accessibility * Compatibility with popular browsers. Whether you are a beginner web designer or experience website designer, you can enhance you site design and development technique by exchanging ideas with other developers are UK Webmaster Forum. Its is free to...

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Link Bid Script 5 directories offer

Posted by on Aug 5, 2008 in Web Directories | 0 comments

Link Bid Script popularly know as LBS, a bid for position directory script which recently evolved into a full fledged web directory script released the latest version, V1.5 today and announce the release date for V1.6. The only significant difference between version 1.5 and 1.6 is that there is a network feature in V1.6 which allow sites submitted to one directory in network to automatically add the submitted site to all the other directories in that network. To promote the release of LBS 1.6 a competition to win 5 domain name, 5 web hosting account and five installation of LBS 1.6 details of the competition can be found below. Why star small when you can start big? Why pay for a bidding directory script when you can have LBS free of charge? Imagine having 5 web directories with the hosting, the script, domain name and script installation done for you, imagine that the 5 five web directories are networked so that when site is submitted to one directory, it will be automatically added to the remaining 4 directories in the networks! That is what you can win in this competition brought to you in collaboration with Link Bid Script. More information about this competition follows: You can be the proud owner of a network of 5 directories powered by Link Bid Script. * This competition will be run for 4 ( four ) weeks. At the end of the competition the winner will get his prize. * Participant should be members of UKWebmasterWorld Forums * To win, you need to submit UNIQUE article about web directories, your article can be on any aspect of web directory. * Minimum words in your article should be 400. * Mihai Jepan is the judge of this competition, the article he considers to be the best wins the competition. ——————————— The winner will get: * 5 Domain names * 5 Web Hosting account on 5 C-class IP address * Installation of LBS Directory software * Free blog post to help you start your network promo going. ———————————– How to enter —————————— * Register your interest at this thread on Link Bid Script...

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