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Best Freelance Sites Reviewed – Comparing The Best Freelance Websites

Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in Site Monetising, Technology | 3 comments

Best Freelance Sites Reviewed – Comparing The Best Freelance Websites

Freelance sites are among the most powerful instruments for those who are looking for remote jobs. However, nowadays, there are many different sites online that are offering such services. I decided to review the most popular of them and make my own comparison of freelance sites. If you think that I missed some sites, please let me know here or here. So here are the most popular freelance sites reviewed: Description: This is easily the most popular website among freelancers. It was founded in 1998 and have more than 2 million contractors registered.. But the site is not free. Actually, it does have free membership, but it is very difficult to find a job or contractor using that kind of account. Specialties: Web development, mobile web development, data science, design and multimedia, writing, translation, office and administrative, customer service and moderation, marketing and sales, engineering and architecture, finance and management, legal, project management. Advantages: The most popular site and you can find many jobs and freelancers here. Very good site structure. It is very easy to compare candidates for your job. There is a service guarantee in place. You can pay only when the job is done and if you did the job, then you will be 100% paid. Easy to message a candidate. Even free accounts can have “Payment Verified Seal” icon which means more trust from freelancers. Each year there are almost a million of jobs posted There is a Workroom where you may communicate with your contractor during the working process. Disadvantages: Too many contractors apply on popular jobs so it is not easy for new freelancers here. Many companies instead of freelancers. Description: It is very big resource that has thousands of jobs and freelancers. Some time ago, I used it when I needed someone to do a job for me. Online since 2003, it has very big database. After Elance, this site is the second one in this niche. Specialties: Website designers, content creation, developers, search engine optimization, mobile apps, site managers, software creators. Advantages: Very large resource. Has many different specialties so you can easy find the best person to do your job. If you are looking for freelancer urgently, then you can count on receiving many applies in the shortest period of time. Many high quality responses are received. Less companies than Freelancer so you can more easily find an individual here. Disadvantages: Too many contractors apply on popular jobs making it difficult for new freelancers here. Resolution center works only for hourly jobs. Difficult to compare candidates. Not very clear navigation. Description: Fiverr is one of the most popular services because they offer many different kinds of jobs for only $5. I’m not sure that it is a very typical freelance site, but if you are looking for cheap services, then this site is for you. They have many different jobs: from “I will write your name or text on a coffee cup” to “SEO services”. Specialties: Graphics and design, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business. Advantages: Very cheap. Easy in use. Has many quality services. Good refund system. Good review system. Possibility to contact the seller before making the order. Disadvantages: Many sellers do not provide the highest quality of work. Not a typical freelance site. Many people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Slow resolution center. Description: Projec4Hire describes itself as a marketplace where you can hire all sorts of services ranging from a virtual assistant to a translator. It is a...

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DigitalPoint Forums got banned from Google AdSense program

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Five days ago, DigitalPoint Forums, one of the largest webmasters’ community on the Internet stopped placing Google AdSense advertising on their pages. People started to talk about this so the owner of this website, Shawn Hogan, wrote a blog post about what actually happened with AdSense ads. Although DigitalPoint forums runs the largest support site for AdSense publishers with over 760,000 thread and still counting, it seems nothing could stop Google from banning his account for, what they claim «ads on gambling-related websites». Shawn actually says there is no reasons why his account was banned while his game was fair, no cheating and not against AdSense TOS. All was working fine until the last month he received 30 warnings from AdSense team saying he is running ads on non-compliant websites which he claims he is not affiliated with in any way nor does he own its. It seems than others (maybe competition ?) used his AdSense publisher ID, or at least that is what Shawn is saying on his blog. The natural move was to respond to those warning, and that is exactly what DigitalPoint Forums owner did, replying that he does not own any of the above sites ; moreover, it seems that those sites were not even of the AdSense whitelist. Although a Google representative answered back with a « your account will not be affected », several days later he received an email stating that his account is disabled due to program policies violation. He still claims none of those websites belong to him and someone else used his publisher ID for God knows what reason. The problem that arises from this happening is as following : if a 3rd party person/website can get an AdSense account suspended, doesn’t this mean that this might also apply in link building ? Like some competitor building links from spam websites to yours, this leading to your website getting de-indexed and banned from Google ? It makes sense while even if you cannot control the links that point to your website, you also cannot control who is using your publisher ID, but still get a ban from...

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Apart from the unusual name of the company ‘Bin Layer’ which sounds more like something you use in the household or garden to control layers of stuff you are adding to the bin, the German advertising company Bin Layer probably have one of the most attractive payout for webmaster in the industry today. They offer a mouthwatering  3 Euros per 1000 impression for that it calls LayerAd presumably for EU traffic and  0.50 Euro for US traffic.  The payout gets even better when you choose a combination of LayerAd and PopAd which Bin Layer calls HybridAD, payout for HybridAd starts from 3.50 Euro, rising to up to 6 Euro. Bin Layer, no nonsense network One of the promises that is bound to make the eyes of website owners and advertiser prick up is Bin Layers approach to paying their publishers, they argue that they are one of the best and quickest payers in the industry, the chart below gives a rough table of their payment structure but more interesting than the structure is the fact that you can request that payment is transferred to you account once you have at least 15 Euros in your account, Bin Layer allows you to transfer payment from you account with them to your bank account up to 4 times in a month, they pay by either direct bank transfer or by Paypal. Austria: 1,00 EUR CPM Switzerland: 1,00 EUR CPM Spain: 1,50 EUR CPM Russia: 1,28 EUR CPM Rumania: 1,00 EUR CPM Poland: 1,50 EUR CPM United Kingdom: 1,00 EUR CPM USA: 3,00 EUR CPM Canada: 0,30 EUR CPM Norway: 0,30 EUR CPM Czech: 0,75 EUR CPM Netherlands: 0,20 EUR CPM Ukraine 0,20 EUR CPM Turkey: 0,40 EUR CPM Slovakia: 0,50 EUR CPM France: 0,70 EUR CPM Sweden: 0,10 EUR CPM Denmark: 0,30 EUR CPM PopAds Austria: 1,00 EUR CPM Switzerland: 1,00 EUR CPM Spain: 1,50 EUR CPM Russia: 1,28 EUR CPM Rumania: 1,00 EUR CPM Poland: 0,50 EUR CPM United Kingdom: 0,30 EUR CPM USA: 0,50 EUR CPM Canada: 0,30 EUR CPM Norway: 0,30 EUR CPM Czech: 0,25 EUR CPM Netherlands: 0,20 EUR CPM Ukraine 0,20 EUR CPM Turkey: 0,40 EUR CPM Slovakia: 0,00 EUR CPM France: 0,70 EUR CPM Sweden: 0,10 EUR CPM Denmark: 0,30 EUR CPM HybridAds Austria: 1,00 EUR CPM Switzerland: 1,00 EUR CPM Spain: 2,25 EUR CPM Russia: 1,28 EUR CPM Rumania: 1,00 EUR CPM Poland: 1,50 EUR CPM United Kingdom: 1,00 EUR CPM USA: 3,50 EUR CPM Canada: 0,30 EUR CPM Norway: 0,30 EUR CPM Czech: 0,75 EUR CPM Netherlands: 0,20 EUR CPM Ukraine 0,20 EUR CPM Turkey: 0,40 EUR CPM Slovakia: 0,50 EUR CPM France: 0,70 EUR CPM Sweden: 0,10 EUR CPM Denmark: 0,30 EUR CPM Bin Layer the company Bin Layer seem to have been in the online advertising company for a few years, the core of their business seem to come from the telecommunication industry, they boast of clients such as Vodafone, Tele2, Freenet and others. They probably do fantastic deal for their advertisers but this site being a webmaster blog, a webmaster’s money making potential from Bin Layer is what this post focuses on, to add a new dimension to generating revenue for you website you want to register as a publish at Bin Layer...

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How generate income from you site via Amazon Affilliates

Posted by on Dec 14, 2008 in Site Monetising | Comments Off on How generate income from you site via Amazon Affilliates

One of the most often asked questions by newbies in webmaster forums is how to make money from a website. The popular answer to this is usually Adsense, which is a good answer, most people seem to forget other tried and trusted ways to generate income from a website such as affiliates and other sources. Team Player, an experienced webmaster at Webmaster Serve who has been generating revenue via Amazon affiliates for year wrote a brilliant post about this in the Site Monetization section of Webmaster Serve, excerpt from his post follows: I doubt there are many people who haven`t heard of the online retail giant, Amazon. And as far as affiliate programs go, it has to be one of the most successful companies of all time. Amazon is in the U.S., the UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan, so it is an international company in every respect, though the affiliate schemes run separately for each country. Amazon is one of the most proactive companies I know of for promoting itself, either through online advertising, or through helping its affiliates to drive traffic to it. How do you go about joining their affiliate program, or, as Amazon calls it, their Associates Program? First of all the numbers. Commission rates are stepped from 4% to 8.5% under their `Performance` scheme. It isn’t the highest by any means, but, since most people know and trust Amazon, sales can be easier than with other lesser known programs. Basically there are three ways to set up a site in order to sell Amazon products. Own site; storefront; Amazon`s own web store. To get commissions from them, you need to sign up to the relevant Associates program for the country you are aiming their products at. That means that if your site is predominantly visited by people from the UK, for example, you need to be an Associate with the UK Amazon program. You can be registered as an Associate with ALL the countries, there`s no limit. If someone from, say, the US, clicks on one of your links, and they end up at the US Amazon site and make a purchase, you won`t receive any commission from that sale, unless you are also registered with the US Amazon, with your appropriate Associates code, or tag, in the link. You can read the full article here. You can subscribe to Webmaster Serve feeds...

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Google AdWords Pay Per Action (PPA)

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Advertisers are reported to be very interested in the new AdWords PPA (Pay Per Action) program as Google began beta testing PPA. Pay Per Action is billed as click fraud killer because advertiser pays only when a predetermined conversion has taken place, very similar to affiliate program really. In a response to questions advertisers has been asking Google PPA team, it becomes clear that only US advertisers may use PPA at present and the option to pay a percentage of the value of the transaction like some of the advertisers requested is now available. Advertisers will have to pay a fix cost per action. Google’s PPA team also said that PPA ads will only show up through being displayed on sites that participate in Google’s content network. PPA will not appear on Google or on its search network. (I wonder why...

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Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

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This is the second part in a series of blogs about PPC advertising and how to generate maximum revenue for your website thorough PPC. This part focused on what some Webmaster calls the “money keywords” this is a acronym for highest paying search terms. Highest paying search terms vary from network to network. This blog brings you the highest paying search terms for a number of advertisement networks including the largest of all PPC networks: Google Adwords. Some caveats to this keywords includes the fact that is only a guide and there is no conclusive prove that any of this keywords actually pays the alleged sum, most advertisement networks guide this price closely for operational reasons and to prevent click fraud. This keywords are also for Webmaster to use to measure potential revenue they could expect, webmasters are not advised to build website purely for advertisement purposes, it should be the other way round, you should have a website and then monetise it with Adsense or contextual advert from other networks. Here is a list of High Paying Adsense Keywords 1. auto insurance comparison personal injury attorney 3.greenville personal injury lawyer 4. hosting 5. live answering service 6. online college education 7. thruxton track day 8. life insurance term quotes 9. term life insurance quotes 10. alamo car rentals 11. scranton car accident attorney 12. lemon law lawyers california 13. family lawyers los angeles 14. auto dialer service 15. appellate lawyer 16. canada fishing fly in lodge 17. standby electric generators 18. san francisco facial plastic surgery 19. online currency trading 20.small business hosting 21.medical billing and coding software Some useful links: Google Adsense Keyword Tool UK Webmaster Discussions UK SEO...

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