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10 Essential Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Master

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There are only two types of people. Those who believe that some of us are born to be entrepreneurs and those who think that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur by polishing certain skills. It is hardly possible to tell who is closer to the truth, but one thing remains clear: it never hurt anybody to know what set of skills it usually takes to achieve success in business. Keep reading to learn about 10 skills you need to master in order to become a guru of entrepreneurship. Planning skills. If you are living in the same universe as most of us, then you should understand that time is a finite thing. Wasted hours never come back as well as missed opportunities. As opinion leaders state, you should become a guru of planning in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. Make it your habit to write down the list of most important things to do and make sure to adjust your plans throughout the week. The ability to manage. It may sound like the old boring song, but business is all about management. It is necessary to understand that this skill is rather general since it covers many aspects associated with business and entrepreneurship. The truth is that you need to see the whole picture while being able to keep under control each and every detail. Courage. Not only those who try to conquer Everest should be courageous. No matter what kind of business you have, risks and challenges are going to be there. It means that you need to be ready to deal with problems and issues without any fears and doubts. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who never let fears stop them from reaching their goals. The talent of hiring people. The most innovative companies are those that have already made a shift from a classic human resource management to a strategic one. This means that in order to beat your competitors, you are likely to need the most talented employees to be by your side. That is why you would rather be proficient in attracting and retaining the right people. Desire to learn. No matter what industry your business belongs to, the truth is that things around change fast. Consider it a side effect of living in the 21st century. For you, as an entrepreneur, it means staying tuned and being aware of all recent trends within your area of business. In other words, learning needs to become your second breathing. The art of negotiations. No matter whether you are closing the deal or searching for additional finding, you need to be a great negotiator. As some experts claim, the secret of effective negotiations lies in effective listening. Dig deeper into the art of negotiations and your business will reach the highest level. The skill of relieving stress. If you are starting your own business, chances are you have plenty of problems you need to solve. Some of them are minor, and others are really huge. You are a human, so it is completely natural to be nervous and irritated. However, you should learn how to manage your stress and relax. Only those who feel balanced and calm can prosper in the world of entrepreneurship. Dealing with failure. Even the most successful businessmen make mistakes. What makes them successful is not the complete absence of failures, but rather the talent of turning them into opportunities or lessons to learn from. Experts state that the art of dealing with ups and downs is what distinguishes a regular entrepreneur from an outstanding one. Focusing on customers. The...

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Twitter Based Small Business Networking in the Midlands

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Do you run a Twitter networking/chat that is not listed below? Please contact me with details of your chat for inclusion. Business Hour NameLocationTimeHashtagTwitter Address Marches HourMarches, UKWednesday 1-2pm#MarchesHour@MarchesHour Beds HourBedfordshire, All UKMondays 8.30pm-9.30pm#BedsHour@BedsHour Blk Country HourBlack Country & West MidlandsTuesday 7-8pm#blkcountryhour@blkcountryhour Brizzle HourBristolTuesday 8-9 pm. #BrizzleHour@BrizzleHour_ Brum HourBirmingham Sundays 8-9pm#BrumHour@BrumHour Cannock HourCannockThursday 7-8pm#CannockHour@CannockHour Charnwood HourCharnwood & RutlandTuesday 8-9pm#Charnwoodhour@charnwoodhour Cov HourCoventryThursday 8-9 pm#covhour@Covhour Derby HourDerby, DerbyshireTuesday 8-9pm#Derbyhour@derby_hour Droitwich HourDroitwichWednesday 8pm - 9pm#Droitwichhour@DroitwichHour Alcester HourAlcester and StudleyThursday 7pm - 8pm#AlcesterHour@Alcesterhour Av Your SayAmber Valley in DerbyshireTuesday 8pm - 9pm#AVYourSay@AvYourSayLive Dudley HourDudleyThursday 6pm – 7pm#DudleyHour@Dudleyhour1 East Anglia HourBeds, Herts, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, CambsThursday 8-9pm#EastAngliaHour@EastAngliaHour Look We Can BizEast Midlands UKComing Spring 2016#Lookwecan@lookwecan East Mids HourEast Midlands, UKMondays 8pm - 9pm#EastMidsHour@eastmidshour Hinckley HourHinckley and BosworthTuesday 8-9pm#hinckleyhour@HinckleyHour Kenilworth HourKenilworth and WarwickshireThursdays 7-8pm#KenilworthHr@KenilworthHr Kiddy HourKidderminster, Bewdley & StourportThursdays 8pm-9pm#KiddyHour@KiddyHour Leamington HourLeamington & WarwickWednesday 4-5pm#LeamingtonHour@LeamingtonHour Leicester HourLeicesterWednesday 8-9pm#leicesterhour@Leicester_Hour Leicestershire HourLeicestershireThursday 8-9pm#LeicestershireHour@LeicsHour Lincolnshire HourLincolnshireMondays 8pm-9pm#LincsHour@LincsHour Lichfield HourLichfieldWednesday 7-8pm#lichfieldhour@lichfieldhour Love MidsMidlandsThursday 7-9pm#lovemids@lovemids Milton KeynesThursdays 20:30-21:30#MKHour@MKHour MidlandsWednesday 8-9pm#MidlandsHour@MidlandsHour Northamptonshire HourNorthamptonshireThursday 8pm-9pm#Northantshour@NorthantshourUk Norwich HourNorwichMonday 8-9pm#NorwichHour@NorwichHour Nottinghamshire HourNottinghamshireTuesday 8-9pm#Nottshour@NottsHours Robin Hood HourRobin Hood County, England UKThursday 8 – 9pm#RobinHoodHour@robinhoodhour Redditch Biz HourRedditch, WorcestershireThursdays 8-9pm#RedditchBizHour@RedditchBizHour Rugby HourRugby, WarwickshireThursday 8.30-9.30pm #RugbyHour@RugbyHour SELeicBiz HourSouth East LeicestershireThursday 8-9pm#SELeicBiz@SELeicBiz Solihull HourSolihullTuesday 7pm-8pm#solihullhour@solihullhour Staffordshire HourStaffordshireWednesday 8-9pm#staffordshirehour@Staffordshirehr Stourport HourStourport on SevernWednesday 7-8pm #stourporthour#stourporthour SUAHourSUAHourThursday 11am-12#SUAHour@SUAHour Suffolk HourSuffolkWednesday 8.30-9.30pm#suffolkhour@suffolk_hour Sutton Coldfield HourRoyal Town of Sutton ColdfieldMonday 7-8pm#sutcolhour@sutcolhour Tewkesbury HourTewkesbury Gloucestershire Fridays 8-9pm#TewkesburyHour@TewkesburyHour Warwick HourWarwickTuesday 8-9pm#WarwickHour@WarwickHour Witney HourWitney & West OxfordshireWednesdays 7-8pm#WitneyHour@WitneyHour Worcestershire HourWorcestershireMondays 8-9pm; Wednesdays at Noon#WorcestershireHour@WorcesterHour Wolverhampton HourWolverhamptonWednesdays 8-9pm#wtonhour@wtonhour   What is Twitter business networking chat about? Twitter may not have the huge number of users social media rival Facebook has, however when it come to using the two platforms for business networking, Twitter seem to be way ahead of Facebook. Some of the evidence for this is the sheer number of Twitter business chat and other networking groups using the platform. A Twitter group typically have the name #Hour after a place, hobby or interest or even a region for example #MarchesHour, which is a twitter networking hour for local small businesses in and around the Welsh and English Marches. To help small local businesses find a Twitter networking group in their area I have compiled a list of some of the Twitter chat and networking hours in the Midlands, into an easy to browse table, I hope you find it useful. If think I missed some Midlands networking chat, please let me know via Twitter or contact...

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Project Management with Wrike and What Others Have to Say about It

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Wrike, an innovative business management solution, is catching attention of project developers across different industries. Anyone in charge of planning a project knows how important it is to have effective communication, good time management, and planning. Using a project management tool can help reduce chaos, confusion and frustration among your team members. Many who have used similar products in the past have faced similar challenges, until they came across Wrike. Here is what you need to know about this innovative product. What is so special about Wrike and how is it used? This product helps project managers assign tasks and check progress of the project with just a few clicks. Wrike comes with a special dashboard that gives detailed progress of each team member. This is a cloud-based application with a mobile app and Chrome extension. Reputable companies recognized by millions of customers use Wrike such as Hilton, Adobe, PayPal and Hootsuite. Small and large businesses can utilize this tool as a way of keeping everyone on track with tasks, deadlines, milestones, and more. The tool is useful for marketing teams, product development, project managers, team leaders and more. This is more than just a project management tool. Workflow is monitored with the use of unique features useful during the collaboration process. You can view progress of others in real-time while streamlining workflow with a tool that helps you integrate actions with other platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can view project details, make changes to project versions, and review history of work completed. You can have different departments established and assign projects to each section. Tools and experience Wrike offers customers Wrike knows how to help others organize and structure their projects. They have a number of free ebooks providing tips and best practices for planning projects efficiently. There are also articles available that include tips and advice on how to encourage team members to stay productive, how to increase production speed and response, how to keep your team on their toes when workflow gets heavy and more. The ebook content gives in-depth details about remote collaboration and how to make it work for your team. When you download content you also learn examples of how this tool has been used by others in case studies. Success achieved by customers and quality assistance Dozens of small and large companies have weighed in on their experience with Wrike. Many have mentioned they enjoy the ability to control and manage their projects from one interface. A number of industries invest in the product including legal services, healthcare, marketing, consulting, software, non-profit, advertising and more. More and more companies are agreeing this tool has helped improve their work management. The tool makes it easier to give tasks, have meetings, and complete deliverables faster. Wrike offers detailed resources to help newcomers get the most out of their experience. You will learn how to use folders, tasks, time tracker, and the Gantt Chart. Businesses will learn how integrate email accounts, apps, projects and other systems. iPad and iPhone users have comprehensive guides to help them use the software on their device. You can develop personal profiles with settings for language, notifications, passwords and security. There is also a section for billing that helps you keep track of invoices, subscriptions and how you pay for Wrike services and features. Key facts to know about Wrike and its versatility The product allows for remote access through three options including mobile app for Android, iOS, Chrome extension and internet browser. This means you can be anywhere and access your project with ease. The sign...

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Grow The Reputation of Your Company Online

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The online reputation of a company plays a vital role in the success or failure it experiences. This can be a hard thing to imagine for some company owners, especially those who come from the days earlier when the Internet did not play such an important role in the day-to-day lives of people. With the help of a positive online reputation, you can build the company image, forge relationships, and gain a substantial amount of profit. As you can start to see, there are many benefits to be gained from making sure that the online reputation of your company is rock solid. If it is in trouble, it is time to jump in and make some changes. Even if the reputation of your company is solid for the time, it is wise to be pro-active in making sure that it stays that way. Social Media Is Key As you might have already noticed, social media is becoming the main tool of communication for many people. It is important to make sure that you and your business are not missing out on that. Create on online profile on some of these social media outlets and engage with your customers. Allowing your customers and potential customers the chance to interact with your company creates an environment of trust and respect. You can handle this yourself or hire a social media manager to do it on your behalf. Make Some Rules There are some guidelines that will need to be put into place when you start off into the land of social media. You need to make sure that you are not being overly promotional. People will see right through that and as a result, they will not be very trusting of you. This is not to say that you cannot promote your business, but it should be 80% meaningful interaction and 20% self-promotion. Another thing you need to do is to remember that there is going to be criticism out there and you should not take it too personally. While it is fine to approach the subject on which you were criticized, you want to make sure that you are doing so with caution. This is a murky area where you can either gain more fans or lose them. You are in total control here. Better Late Than Never Even if you are a little late jumping on the social media bandwagon, it is never too late. You might want to take a quick peak of the Wikipedia review of and think more about what you can do to improve the reputation of your...

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Complete Newbie Guide On How To Promote Products On Twitter Efficiently

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Even if Twitter it’s known to be one of the largest online social networks where people can update their friends/followers about their status, a lot of internet marketers have recently started to promote their products on Twitter. As a matter of fact, Twitter is one of the most efficient methods of promoting, as the message, even if it is short, goes directly to the followers. And the best part about this service is the fact that it is completely free. How to use Twitter efficiently? It’s simple as the whole process requires just some few simple steps. First of all, before starting to post on Twitter, it is necessary to have an account. Making an account is free, easy and fast. Basically, in no more than 3-4 minutes, everyone can start to post on Twitter. The second step is to make a cool, unique and complete profile. By doing this, the new Twitter user will prove his seriousness and also, it will be a lot easier for other people with the same interests to find and follow him. After all, one of the purpose of using Twitter is to get as much followers as possible so that it will be much easier for the Twitter marketer to promote his products. The third thing that a new Twitter user should do is to follow as many people as possible. As people have the tendency to follow back, this is a good method to get followers, and therefore, all the new Twitter users are advised to do it. Now, even if one will follow 5000 people, it is not guaranteed that they will all follow back. Therefore, another great idea of getting more followers is to join different communities and discuss on the topics. By doing this, the percentage of the people who will follow (back) will seriously increase, so from time to time, it’s a good idea to join several Twitter communities. There is only one thing that is a forbidden unwritten rule: a marketer should never promote his products directly as no one will even consider to check the tweets. Instead, people can choose to write funny stuff about their products, or different information – accompanied by a link of the marketer’s product – that might be useful to the ordinary Twitter user. This way, their tweets will certainly be read. Last, if the Twitter user doesn’t have time to get the followers that he is in need of, he can pay for some Twitter promotions to some other guys with a big number of followers on Twitter. Though, services like these might be quite expensive, though, if there isn’t any option left, they are indeed the most appropriate solution – especially for the newbies- to promote their Twitter products...

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Online fraud – a genuine UK company?

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A friend who lives in mainland Europe sent me am email today asking about a “London” based company that was going to ship car to him. He was supposed to pay 50% of the cost of the car and the remaining 50% on delivery, the company in question is called . I was to have a quick look at the company just to ensure its a reputable company. The moment I got to the homepage on I could tell it cannot be anything but a fraudulent company, for a start, a company that claimed it has been trading since 1954 does not even have a telephone number. It claimed to have its head office in UK, a quick search at companies house show the company with the registration number on its website (MC249800) does not exist, that is not even the format of a UK company registration number. If has a registration page which was supposed to be secured by SSL, no padlock appears when you try registering. I did a whois on the domain name, there was an interesting result, website was registered only a few months ago, its hosted on a Romanian server. This website is definitely a fraud. If you come across this website, you want to run a mile from them, don’t give your money to them, here is and email send by one of the fraudsters behind the site: ———————— Hello, The payment has to be sent to the shipping company using bank transfer.After the deposit is sent to them the shipping will start. When you get the car you will have 5 days to test it…If you like the car you can keep it and pay the rest of the money. If you don’t like the car you can tell them to take it back and they will give you a full refound.Also they can deliver the car at any address you want. If you are ready to start this transaction go to check the shipping company web site and let me know after that so I can start the transaction, after the transaction is started you will receive all details about the payment and shipping. You can use this link to register with them : —————————————– Some clarifications I got from the friend who almost use them follows: I found them one on a popular German car selling site and also on polish On initial contact is with which was later changed. But on both site the story if this 1, You’ll get offered a car at a price far below what any other is offering 2, You get told the story that they had to move to the UK an as such the left-hand steering car is not convenient 3, They send you a picture of the car 4, You are given a car moving company to register with through which the transaction can be completed. 5, They offer you 50% payment up front after which the car will be brought to you. 6, 5 or 6 day test driving of the car after which if you like it you pay the rest of the fee or you call the auto move company to came and take it back and you will be fully refunded. I am sure they are using other car selling sites also to defraud others. I found other names which they have used on this site They always use the same professional looking web page but with different names Once you’ve paid they just take the site of...

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