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Some of the fastest and slowest broadbands in UK cities

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Recently, various speed tests have been conducted by the consumer broadband advice site throughout the UK in order to find out the villages and towns with both fastest and slowest broadband speeds. These speed tests are measured in Mbps. Let us get to know more about these cities and what are the reforms required to put an end to this suffering. Current Broadband Speed Scenario Around the UK The speed of the broadband considerably varies in the urban regions. For instance, if you are living in Inverness or Cardiff, chances are more that you will struggle to download a 2 hour 50 minutes movie, but on the contrary you can do the same in lesser time if you are living in Birmingham. There are some deprived regions where the broadband services were not satisfactory. Talking about Belfast, there are regions where the broadband services hardly meet the minimum speed of 2Mbps. Moving to Manchester, don’t expect the figures to vary too much. The figure dropped to 28% in Glasgow’s deprived regions, while the overall average of the city is a little above 65%. The locals of Hull have recorded an average download speed of 12.40 Mbps for a period of July 2015 and April 2016. Milton Keynes and Aberdeen also have to face the same situation where they recorded the speed of 15.60 Mbps and 17.01 Mbps. The cities of UK should enjoy the privilege of high-speed broadband speed, yet only 24 cities have the privilege of using an average speed of 24 Mbps. Miserden is known to receive a speed of 1.3 Mbps, in Laddingford if you are lucky then you might come across a speed of 0.7 Mbps. The locals are of the view that money had been sanctioned for making reforms in the area’s broadband network, but the changes are yet to be witnessed. Some of the locals of Colchester even complained that their houses are three years old, even then they are just getting a broadband speed that is less than 1 Mbps. Appointment of first Technology Adviser Mr. Liam Maxwell has joined as new Chief Technology Officer. His new role will dictate the expansion of the government relationships with the digital and technology industry in order to give a boost to the digital economy of UK. This will further prove handy in offering enhanced & world-class services to the the British citizens. Mr. Maxwell said, his job will comprise of engaging the topmost leaders of the industry, which will cater to the digital market issues and scaling the role of UK in the new & emerging technologies such as blockchain, mass stimulation technologies and sharing economy, etc. His core task will comprise of initiating amendments that will prove helpful in giving a boost to the digital economy of UK. He will also be accountable for the consolidation and expansion of the government’s relationship with the digital and technology industry, assembling the new National Technology Council and being a key source to boost the investment in the UK. Government Initiative The good times are all set to roll for all those who are struggling with the poor broadband speed. This is being said to the context to the reforms being initiated by UK’s government to propose ultra-fast broadband services. In order to execute this, the government is all set to pump in £1 billion investment. The government is hopeful of providing the people with a minimum speed of 24 Mbps per second by 2018. The best part is that the locals don’t have to upgrade their existing gadgets or switching to ISP. Now, the locals...

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Webmaster SEO Web Hosting Forum for Sale

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Webmaster SEO Web Hosting Forum for Sale

This is the quote from original thread located here. “If you are looking to acquire a webmaster community, Webmaster Serve could be the right website for you. The site was launched in 2004 so the domain is aged over 20 years old. During the period I owned the site, it has seen a lot of ups (and downs) revenue wise. The ups come when I put time into it and naturally, when the site is ignored, activities and revenue goes down. As any SEO/Webmaster knows, these days, fresh contents + social media is what gets you huge traffic, with a bit of that with where the website is at the moment, you could have a fantastic money making machine on your hands. Revenue Potentials Income from the site tends to fluctuate, depending on time invested in the site. When I had time for the site, the highest income I made a month was over $850, from selling sponsored post, sponsored link and banner advertisement. We also used to charge for product placement in the site newsletter when we used to send out newsletter. I was never one for AdSense but new owner can also use this ubiquitous advert platform to generate additional revenue. What you get if you buy Webmaster Serve If you win the bid or made an offer that was accepted here is what you will get: The domain name The entire content of the website (threads users etc) The goodwill built up by the site over the years vBulletin license that runs the site. Help with moving the site to your host 6 month free hosting for the site if you need it 2-3 month of help and support to get to grips with the site Webmaster Serve social media accounts including Facebook and G+ Why Sell the Website? 10 years is a long time, which is how long I have had the site, my passion for webmaster issues is not as strong as it once hence the site has been neglected for quite some time. I think a younger and more enthusiastic webmaster can get more out of the site with a little bit of TLC. Some Site Stats The site tends to have on average 100 people online at any given time The site has over 18,000 users (most of them are not active) The site has 314,000 posts In its hay day, the site made me between $600 – $850 a month You can find recent visitors stats here: Number of visits – Number of unique visitors/month – Site Health The site in quite strong in leading search engines for webmaster related keywords. It also have sitelink for its name and it seem to be widely recognised and extensively indexed. A quick snapshot of its listing in Google can be found here:” If you have questions please feel to me here or via my Twitter...

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Significantly improve online sale & SEO ranking by just spelling correctly

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Improve online sales & SEO ranking by just spelling correctly When newbie webmasters are are talking about how to improve search engine ranking most of the focus tends to be on building inbound link, on page optimisation, keyword density and other popular SEO factors, when you ask what they think is the most important of all the factors the tend to say inbound links. It is quite true that all the aforementioned factors are important but there is an even much more factor that will not only help your search engine ranking but will affect whether people buy from you or not and that is the quality of the text used on your site, basically spelling grammar and typos on your site could adversely affect your site ranking. Apart from the fact that one of the factors search engines consider when deciding how high or low to rank your is spelling. Survey had been conducted which seem to suggest that spelling mistakes cause quite a lot of people to abandon a website they were going to buy from. This fact was pointed out by a net entrepreneur, Charles Duncombe. According to Charles Duncombe, analysis of website figures shows a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half. If your website is one of the online companies that helps Internet sales in the UK rake in the £527 million per week ONS said the UK makes online, you want to pay a lot of attention to the quality of English used to present you product or services...

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Facebook Business Pages to suffer an upgrade

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Last month, Facebook announced quite a major design change on personal Facebook profiles it seems that a new one is to be launched for all business pages on March 10, 2011. The new business page can be upgraded if you want, however as with any new launch it is advisable to wait until it rolls out by itself, only 10 days left. Here are the major changes one will see on his Facebook business page: 1. Profile pictures – the new design will only allow pictures with 180 x 540 pixels in dimension (the actual page allows up to 200 x 600 pixels) 2. Choose whatever category you want – when setting up a new business page you have to choose a category from a well-defined drop-down menu, well not anymore; with this update, businesses can edit their categories and subcategories for better relevance 3. Featured pages – with this new redesign one can reveal “featured likes” and “page owners” on the left side of his Facebook page; featured likes will show pages you have liked in the past 4. Most recently tagged photos – just exactly like personal profiles, from now on recently tagged pictures will be displayed horizontally on top of business profile page 5. “Like” as a normal user – with actual Facebook Pages, you as a brand owner could not “Like” a certain page or make a comment as your page; from now on, things are to change, thus adding more communication channels for your brand; this is one of the most beneficial changes Facebook is to make while you can definitely increase your brand’s exposure and build your awareness on the most popular social networking site ever 6. The box with little details about the business will be removed and the “Info” tab will feature all the necessarily information 7. Notifications – you will be able to add notifications regarding to whatever activity is on your page, like someone posting on your wall and so on; also, you will be able to build a list of “banned words” you want to block on your Facebook Page As with the Facebook Personal profiles change, there will be business owners that like this update and others that were fancying the previous one more, however it seems that the new design will come with some great improvements, for both users and brands exposing their businesses...

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Local Searches & Local Groups (Groupon) The New Internet Super Powers?

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Your Facebook profile on a dating site or any other sites

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Facebook Privacy & Data Issue When your one time rival is seeking to work with you, you can be sure you have not just triumphed over your competition but by a very large margin. When MySpace started using Facebook login API to login users to MySpace, it was only a symbolic throwing in of the tower by MySpace. Though Facebook is the run away winner of the social networking battle, a lot of critics are not impressed with Facebook privacy nor how easy Facebook has made obtaining and using your personal data entrusted to them. A group of social networking users are so disgruntled with Facebook privacy that they are starting a social networking site called diaspora to rival Facebook purely because of what they see as Facebook privacy laxes. Another group of people with axe to grind with Facebook has just setup a fake dating website with 250,000 profiles of Facebook user profiles pulled from Facebook without any problems or vetting, they call the site Face to Facebook . They have a completely different reason for creating their project, its now to highlight privacy issue like diaspora is doing, its more an experimental art project where they just use Facebook user profile as the source of the faces they need for their project. In total, they extracted 1 million Facebook user profiles and narrow the pictures that meed their needs down to 250,000. The reason whey the creator of Face to Facebook (they also created a second site called Lovely Faces)created the site is not really clear. Trying to figure this out from reading a page on their site called theory could almost give you a nose bleed, excerpt from the page follows: Facebook is an eternal, illusory party, under surveillance and recorded for all time. Its structure invites you to first replicate and then enhance your real social structures, replicating your experiences on your own personal “screen space”. In this unending party, you meet and join old and new friends, acquaintances and relatives. As with most parties everything is private, or restricted to the invited guests, but has the potential to become public, if accidental shared. Here the guests’ activity and interests are also recorded through their posts in different formats and media (pictures, movies, trips, preferences, comments). It’s an induced immaterial labour with instant gratification. Guests produce content by indirectly answering the question “who am I?” and they get new friends and feedback in the process. Whilst its almost impossible to make sense of Face to Facebook or the motive behind it, one thing that is clear is the fact that if you are one of the 500 Million people who are said to have a Facebook account, anyone, anywhere could pull you Facebook profle and do what they want with it, you can even find yourself on a dating site looking for a partner even though you are not looking for one. You can comment on this article by using the commen facility on this page or you can discuss it with other webmasters are UK webmaster...

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