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Top 8 fastest and safest web browsers for smartphone

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For all the smartphone owners, having the best web browser is a must. If your web browser is powered with the latest features and offers smooth performance, it really helps in changing the entire experience of browsing the web. With so many options available, making a right choice for the best web browser can be quite a tricky process. So, let me make things easier for you, here are top 8 fastest and safest web browsers for your smartphone. Google Chrome Topping the list is Chrome (flagship browser of Google) which does not require any introduction. Chrome comes bundled with same striking and essential styling that we are used to seeing on the desktop version. This version, squeezed into mobile, comes with an address bar Omnibox, incognito mode (helping you to enjoy private browsing), and voice search. If you are using Chrome browser on your desktop, then you are lucky enough as the mobile version come loaded with syncing of the tabs, bookmarks, and the history, helping you enjoy a seamless transition between the mobile and desktop browsing. Chrome is available both for Android and iOS. Mozilla firefox Firefox for mobile offers a brilliant alternative for the smartphone and tablet owners offering desktop syncing, easy access to various add-ons, and tabbed browsing. This browser is also available for the iPhone users. The iOS version comes with a predictive search bar, visual tab management system, private browsing, and cross-device syncing. All iOS users will certainly feel the absence of add-ons such as ad blockers and password managers. The browser is available for both Android and iOS. Flynx If you want to try out other than the conventional browsers, then Flynx is a great browser. The browser pre-load the links in the backdrop with a suspended on-screen indicator while you keep enjoying operating your other apps without wasting your time watching the pages load. Once you are done, you will be able to tap the indicator, with Flynx showing the web page pop-up style, with support for a maximum of four pre-loaded tabs. Flynx comes loaded with some outstanding features including – easy link sharing, intelligent ad-blocker, and double tapping the links to save pages for offline viewing. The browser is only available for Android. Opera Opera is undoubtedly one of the popular smartphone browsers in the list. It is well-known for its fast and responsive browser; it automatically compresses videos and images helping in speeding up the browsing speed. The features are not just limited to data compression as Opera for Android also come with other features including – gesture control, private browsing, and cross-device syncing. As an iOS user, you can also go for Opera Coast for a gesture-driven, iOS-centric experience. The browser is available for both Android and iOS. Dolphin The popularity of Dolphin browser is fast catching up amongst the smartphone users. It is one of the feature-packed and powerful browsers. In addition, you also get to enjoy varied tools options and add-ons that help you make the utmost use of the browser. Some of the brilliant features comprise of Sona, it is a voice-driven search tool and gesture bookmarks that help you to draw letters to go straightway to your favourite sites. With custom gestures, add-on support, and tabbed browsing, Dolphin browser is, undoubtedly, one of the feature-rich and highly configurable smartphone browsers. The browser is available for both Android and iOS. Mercury Browser Created by iLegendSoft, Mercury Browser is based on Webkit engine. It comes loaded with all the necessary features that make mobile browsing an unforgettable experience including – private mode browsing, tabbed browsing,...

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10 Essential Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Master

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There are only two types of people. Those who believe that some of us are born to be entrepreneurs and those who think that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur by polishing certain skills. It is hardly possible to tell who is closer to the truth, but one thing remains clear: it never hurt anybody to know what set of skills it usually takes to achieve success in business. Keep reading to learn about 10 skills you need to master in order to become a guru of entrepreneurship. Planning skills. If you are living in the same universe as most of us, then you should understand that time is a finite thing. Wasted hours never come back as well as missed opportunities. As opinion leaders state, you should become a guru of planning in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. Make it your habit to write down the list of most important things to do and make sure to adjust your plans throughout the week. The ability to manage. It may sound like the old boring song, but business is all about management. It is necessary to understand that this skill is rather general since it covers many aspects associated with business and entrepreneurship. The truth is that you need to see the whole picture while being able to keep under control each and every detail. Courage. Not only those who try to conquer Everest should be courageous. No matter what kind of business you have, risks and challenges are going to be there. It means that you need to be ready to deal with problems and issues without any fears and doubts. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who never let fears stop them from reaching their goals. The talent of hiring people. The most innovative companies are those that have already made a shift from a classic human resource management to a strategic one. This means that in order to beat your competitors, you are likely to need the most talented employees to be by your side. That is why you would rather be proficient in attracting and retaining the right people. Desire to learn. No matter what industry your business belongs to, the truth is that things around change fast. Consider it a side effect of living in the 21st century. For you, as an entrepreneur, it means staying tuned and being aware of all recent trends within your area of business. In other words, learning needs to become your second breathing. The art of negotiations. No matter whether you are closing the deal or searching for additional finding, you need to be a great negotiator. As some experts claim, the secret of effective negotiations lies in effective listening. Dig deeper into the art of negotiations and your business will reach the highest level. The skill of relieving stress. If you are starting your own business, chances are you have plenty of problems you need to solve. Some of them are minor, and others are really huge. You are a human, so it is completely natural to be nervous and irritated. However, you should learn how to manage your stress and relax. Only those who feel balanced and calm can prosper in the world of entrepreneurship. Dealing with failure. Even the most successful businessmen make mistakes. What makes them successful is not the complete absence of failures, but rather the talent of turning them into opportunities or lessons to learn from. Experts state that the art of dealing with ups and downs is what distinguishes a regular entrepreneur from an outstanding one. Focusing on customers. The...

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Some of the fastest and slowest broadbands in UK cities

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Recently, various speed tests have been conducted by the consumer broadband advice site throughout the UK in order to find out the villages and towns with both fastest and slowest broadband speeds. These speed tests are measured in Mbps. Let us get to know more about these cities and what are the reforms required to put an end to this suffering. Current Broadband Speed Scenario Around the UK The speed of the broadband considerably varies in the urban regions. For instance, if you are living in Inverness or Cardiff, chances are more that you will struggle to download a 2 hour 50 minutes movie, but on the contrary you can do the same in lesser time if you are living in Birmingham. There are some deprived regions where the broadband services were not satisfactory. Talking about Belfast, there are regions where the broadband services hardly meet the minimum speed of 2Mbps. Moving to Manchester, don’t expect the figures to vary too much. The figure dropped to 28% in Glasgow’s deprived regions, while the overall average of the city is a little above 65%. The locals of Hull have recorded an average download speed of 12.40 Mbps for a period of July 2015 and April 2016. Milton Keynes and Aberdeen also have to face the same situation where they recorded the speed of 15.60 Mbps and 17.01 Mbps. The cities of UK should enjoy the privilege of high-speed broadband speed, yet only 24 cities have the privilege of using an average speed of 24 Mbps. Miserden is known to receive a speed of 1.3 Mbps, in Laddingford if you are lucky then you might come across a speed of 0.7 Mbps. The locals are of the view that money had been sanctioned for making reforms in the area’s broadband network, but the changes are yet to be witnessed. Some of the locals of Colchester even complained that their houses are three years old, even then they are just getting a broadband speed that is less than 1 Mbps. Appointment of first Technology Adviser Mr. Liam Maxwell has joined as new Chief Technology Officer. His new role will dictate the expansion of the government relationships with the digital and technology industry in order to give a boost to the digital economy of UK. This will further prove handy in offering enhanced & world-class services to the the British citizens. Mr. Maxwell said, his job will comprise of engaging the topmost leaders of the industry, which will cater to the digital market issues and scaling the role of UK in the new & emerging technologies such as blockchain, mass stimulation technologies and sharing economy, etc. His core task will comprise of initiating amendments that will prove helpful in giving a boost to the digital economy of UK. He will also be accountable for the consolidation and expansion of the government’s relationship with the digital and technology industry, assembling the new National Technology Council and being a key source to boost the investment in the UK. Government Initiative The good times are all set to roll for all those who are struggling with the poor broadband speed. This is being said to the context to the reforms being initiated by UK’s government to propose ultra-fast broadband services. In order to execute this, the government is all set to pump in £1 billion investment. The government is hopeful of providing the people with a minimum speed of 24 Mbps per second by 2018. The best part is that the locals don’t have to upgrade their existing gadgets or switching to ISP. Now, the locals...

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How to attract readers to your blog with quality content

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There is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all method when it comes to blog monetisation and audience building. It takes hard work, a smidgen of good luck and judicious use of best practices and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Were you hoping for an easier answer? Sorry! “If you build it, they will come” simply cannot be applied to blogging. We live in a world drowning in content and the ability to cut through all of the noise – regardless of how niche your blog purports to be – takes an awful lot more than a clever title and a few social shares. When boiled down, your blog’s content is the key to attracting readers. Quality content will get noticed and encourage those that enjoy it to share your hard work with their friends and colleagues. But how do you write great content? What are the constituent elements that make up quality blog content? In this post, we’ve got 8 awesome tips for creating blogs that will drive visitors to your website. Some you’ll have heard of before (they bear repeating) while others may surprise you. Ready? Let’s go! 1. Spend 80% of your creative thinking on the title You could write the best blog post anyone has ever written in your chosen niche, but if the title doesn’t demand attention, no one will read it. That’s why you should spend the majority of your creative thinking time on the title. Include the key word you want to rank for and wrap it up in a short sentence that screams ‘click me!’. Use alliteration, promise an answer to a problem and use strong adjectives (e.g. “10 incredibly simple methods for avoiding poor TripAdvisor reviews”). If your title idea doesn’t arrive immediately, don’t worry; start writing the post regardless. Most great bloggers do this, as they find that inspiration for the title arrives during that process. 2. Become a better writer The term ‘blogger’ has, unfortunately, become rather more prevalent than ‘writer’ in recent years and, as a result, blog posts are often poorly written by people with bad literacy skills. If you want to become a blogger and attract a large audience that waits in anticipation for your next post, you need to become a better writer. No one is expecting you to be the next William Shakespeare, but the ability to construct sentences that are entertaining and easy to digest is a must if your blog is to gain any kind of traction on the web. 3. Create an outline Few great blog posts emerge perfectly from the first draft. ‘Free writing’ is a technique used by bloggers that enables them to get going without worrying about the quality of the content. The idea here is to simply create an outline of the post. Just write; you know the topic and you’ll hopefully have formed the basis for the title, so you’ve got something to go on. Create a rough beginning, middle and end – you can polish it up later. 4. Treat it as a story We all love a story, which is why you should treat every blog you write as its own mini tale of wonder and adventure. Your rough outline should have helped you develop the beginning, middle and end for your post, and that can in turn be the basis for your story. Take the readers on a journey and, if possible, leave them hanging at the end; a cliff-hanger is a great way to build an audience that will return for future instalments. 5. Use a ‘lead magnet’ Lead magnets are typically used...

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Optimising Your Social Media for SEO

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By Abbeygail Urie Time and again, we hear and read the experts say that you cannot separate SEO (search engine optimisation) from social media. Even Matt Cutts also confirmed the relationship between SEO and social. And, that was in 2010 when social proliferation is not as intense as it is today. The concern now is how you, as a digital marketer, may capitalise on social media to boost your SEO outcomes. Here’s how to achieve a social SEO strategy success. Social content as...

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