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Temi Odurinde is an IT professional. He worked extensively in various aspects of computing including Hardware, software and networking. He has various computer/Internet development related qualifications including A+, CNA, MCSE+1 and BSc computing and Psychology and MSc in Internet Technology he is yet to complete. More recently, Temi works in web development, webmastering, web hosting and search engine marketing and optimisation.

Temi works as a freelance webmaster, search engine optimisation and SEM consultant, now and again, he accepts freelance and contract SEO projects, you can enquire about his availability for contract work by using Temi’s contact form to contact him to find out if he is available for SEO project contracts.

Have you article published on Temi Blogs

This website was setup primary to blog about computers and Internet related issues that catches Temi’s fancy, but he welcomes guest bloggers on this site. You are welcomed to submit a blog post about issues that will fit into any of the categories found on this website. Please note that Temi sets strict guidelines for articles published on this site, if you follow the guidelines you have a better chance of getting your article published. Here we go:

- On topic- Article must be related to the theme of this site, it must fit perfectly into one of the categories found on the homepage. Web hosting related articles are especially welcomed.
- Good English Grammar – Please ensure you post is written in good English and spell checked to get rid of typos.
- Minimum words: You article must be a minimum of 400 words, must not contain more than 2 external links.
- Unique Articles – Articles submitted to Temi must be unique, must now be used at any other website.

Please use the contact for to submit your article.

Oranges are not the only fruit

If you read this far down the about Temi page, you are a very curious person indeed but read on….
Temi used to type his name into Internet search engines in the days when Dinosaur roam the net, there were only a billion or so pages online back then (Google and Yahoo used to boast of how many sites they have indexed back in those days, I suppose they have now lost count?) and his website is returned on the first page for the keyword “temi”. Nowadays, there are so may Temis online that being the first on the page is not necessarily guaranteed any more.

Here is a brief list of some of the other Temis you may come across online today.
Hotel called Temi
First name: There are lots of people from various countries with the first name Temi
There is a Polish company called Temi
There is a child actress called Temi Epsterin

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